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Coffee shops are where people come to drink coffee and have good times. Around the world, a best coffee shop varies in thousands of styles, hundred of models and designs, serving different types of coffee beverages. Here are 7 world’s best coffee shops suggested by

#1. Café Tortoni – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Café Tortoni was found in 1858 by a French immigrant. It is the oldest coffee shop in Argentina and also a must-see destination when a visitor comes to Buenos Aires city. It is designed as the 19th century European architecture, featured by large and spacious room, stained glass ceiling, wooden pillows, bronzes, marbles and amazing photos on the wall. This best coffee shop also has a backroom where you can find some entertainments such as billiards, dice and dominoes.

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Café Tortoni offers diverse drinks, including coffee drinks and non-coffee drinks as well as breakfast and cakes. Their most popular specialty is “chocolate con churros” – the fried dough pastry dipped in delicious chocolate, which make it a best coffee shop in town.

#2. Café Central – Vienna, Austria

Built in 19th century, Café Central is not only a coffee shop, but a historical value. It is simply the most beautiful and inspirational café of all. It has become the role model of thousands of best coffee shops across the globe.

It is featured by typical architecture of an old Europe coffee shop, with a lot of curves and arches.  The coffee and foods in here are all great, according to almost all the visitors. Because of its reputation, it draws a huge number of tourists, which somehow make it very crowded all day long.

#3. A best coffee shop in Rome – Saint’s Eustachio il Caffe

It must be a mistake if an Italian café is not in the list. And one of the best coffee shops in “the home of espresso” is Saint’s Eustachio il Caffee. Located in the heart of Rome, near the city’s symbolic Piazza Navona, this best coffee shop was opened in 1938.

The café is not famous for beautiful design. It is best known for the coffee. Some customers say Saint’s Eustachio il Caffee serve the best espresso in the whole world. The recipe to make this drink is family secret and its taste is really awesome. The coffee shop is opened from 7AM till 1AM at night.

#4. La cafetheoque – Paris, France

Like number 4, La cafetheoque doesn’t focus on its atmosphere, but serves the best-taste coffee. The favorite coffee in here is the very strong black coffee which is the typical coffee of Parisian. Other drinks are also great such as cappuccino, chocolate, etc. Their secret is best coffee beans that are carefully selected around the world and roasted in-door. A must-try best coffee shop you should not miss in Paris.

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#5. Café Majestic – Porto, Portugal

Like its name, Café Majestic is one of the most outstanding coffee shops in Portugal and also one of the best coffee shops in the world. It has majestic indoor architecture, from the seats to the toilet. It was classic and lovely.

Their drinks and foods are also very good. You can drink various beverages in the café and enjoy the beautiful sounds of piano.

#6. Kaffein – London, England

You can find an amazing coffee shop at this “tea drinking” country. It is not a so big coffee shop, but it is famous for tasteful coffee. It is inspired by the coffee culture of Australia and New Zealand, serving the most excellent espresso coffee and loose leaf tea, fresh foods and baked cakes, featured by very professional services and good-manner of staff.

#7. Café Vita –Seattle, USA

Found in 1995, Caffee Vita is actually a company specializing for coffee roasting, but they has an amazing coffee shop which is named “the place to get the best coffee in America”.

Not only serving coffee, the café also provides roasted coffee for plenty of café, restaurants in the whole country and offers a lot of coffee making courses and coffee events.