What is wholesale coffee?

Coffee is known as the most common and essential beverage in daily diet of people. However, during the recent years, the coffee market price has been fluctuating continuously and triggering numerous difficulties for both manufacturers and consumers. It is noticed that wholesale coffee prices had reached the peak in 2014 compared to the previous years. This mainly terms from an ebb in crop cycles rooted in weather problems in coffee-growing areas of Brazil and Central America where produce approximately 30 percent of the world’s crop.

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A poor crop led to a shortage of coffee beans supply whereas the demand of coffee is increasing significantly, especially resurgence in demand among American consumers. Particularly, the average of consumption was raised to 2.4 servings per day with three crops daily among conventional coffee drinkers.

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Will coffee be not cheap as wholesale anymore?

As an inevitable trend, “prices are taking flight”. Looking back the past seven years, the average price of coffee is regularly around $1.25 (80 cents) per pound but in the early year 2014, wholesale coffee prices climb up more than 60 percent, from $1.25 per pound of bulk coffee Arabica beans to $1.85. In history, the coffee price used to hit a high of $2.50 per pound in 1994 and 1997, due to an attack of frost in Brazil. Nevertheless, wholesale coffee prices had been twice as lower as the time before (about 40 cents a pound). Because of the production development of Indonesia and Vietnam since 2001. Return to the noticeable increase in coffee prices of the year 2014, the deep cause of the poor start for the year’s crop is that “prices have been so slow during the past three years”. As a consequence, many coffee growers gave up their farms because the payment for property fertilizing and caring for the trees even exceed the money earned from selling, said by Terrey Roggensak agricultural analyst for the Highlower Report. After the constant decline or prices in 3 years, “a bidding war erupted and prices shot up” now. That means coffee became more expensive on the market.

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How would wholesale coffee affect global coffee roasters?

Nevertheless, the major of coffee roasters still kept their costs under control due to take the initiative in advantageous condition. Therefore, the impact of the recent boost in prices may be not obvious. Concretely, this was not instant to affect specialty and gourmet roasters. However, it had a certain impact on “the big roasters. Those roasters have heavily promoted cheap coffee during the past three years”, says Robert Fulmer, from California-based Royal Coffee Inc. Evidentially, although the boost in prices happened in September 2014, three biggest companies including Folgers, Maxwell House and Hills, which hold 80 percent of the US coffee market , had tried to stable prices. For specialty coffee roasters like Starbuck, it was said that their prices went up a little more and they might make a little less as low of demand. On the side of some coffee traders, they hoped that prices would go even higher-have potential to go up $3 per pound.

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They were expecting to observe the amount of coffee that Brazil can produce that year. They are optimistic that the advantageous period would come over soon and the harvest of the year after will be compromised. At that time, an investment fund of $5 million was intended to put in breeding and distributing new genetic lines of coffee trees that can prevent these coffee trees from leaf rust-disease.

To sum up, wholesale coffee is coffee of large quantities packed in bulk. A large order will be required to have a wholesale price for this coffee. However, due to the global development of retail industry, now more and more wholesale coffee are being distributed in small quantities. Thus, this opens new opportunities for world’s local coffee roasters.