What is mountain coffee?

What is mountain coffee definition?

The term “single estate coffee” or “single origin coffee” is a specialty coffee which is grown in a specific geographic region or a single farm. This type of coffee usually has very great and distinctive flavor. And mountain coffee is considered as a single estate coffee. So, what is mountain coffee?

Mountain coffee is the common name used to call the greatest coffees cultivated in high mountains such as Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Kona Coffee, Vittoria Coffee, etc. These coffees have a same common feature: they are all grown in the perfect lands for the development of coffee. And each coffee has its own flavor and aroma, but they are all extreme scrumptious with unforgettable taste.

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What is mountain coffee? – The first answer is Arabica.

Because Arabica is the coffee tree which is suitable for high altitude, they are usually grown on mountains and highlands. That’s why all of the coffees in Mountain Coffee group are Arabica. And they are the best Arabica in the world. That’s why sometimes people say arabica – that means mountain coffee.

The next answer for ‘What is mountain coffee’ is natural conditions for its cultivation.

The natural conditions of these areas are very ideal for the growth of coffee trees and creating the characteristic flavor for the coffee beans. The natural conditions include climate, soil, altitude, latitude, humidity and sun lighting. And among all of those conditions, there are some conditions that will make the outstanding taste and fragrance for the coffee. For example, Kona coffee is grown on Mountains of Kona district in Hawaii. This land is gifted the very rich volcanic soil with plenty of minerals and nutrients to add the very particular flavor for its coffee.

Perfect processing is another explanation what makes mountain coffee special.

Besides natural factor, mountain coffees is been through the very strictly and detailed processing in order to become one of the most expensive coffee in the world. At first, the coffee seeds have to be planted in the right time in year, so that they can be harvested I appropriate time with the best conditions. After harvesting, they will be through the first selecting process to choose the best red coffee cherries.

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Then the coffee cherries will be removed the outer to take the beans. The coffee beans will be dried in both natural way and by machine. Next, the dry coffee beans will be through another selecting process. In some place, this process is done manually. It means the workers will use their hand to choose the best coffee beans. This process requires hard work and a lot of time. After this process, coffee beans can be separated into different levels with different qualities. And the highest quality is always the most expensive one.

Right roasting facilities fulfill premium quality of mountain coffee.

After the preliminary steps, coffee beans will be sold unroasted to the market, or be roasted. The roasted coffee processing is divided into several levels. They can be hard roasted, medium roasted or light roasted, depending on the coffee drinks and the flavors that the customers want. They can come up to another process, which is grinding to turn the beans into ground. So, the results contain unroasted coffee beans, roasted coffee beans and coffee ground.

Because mountain coffee is grown in only one area, they are limited in amount. That’s why their price is incredible high. And moreover, the 100% pure coffee is quite rare. These coffees have to be blended with some other types. However, the blend is also excellent in quality and aroma. So, now you understand ‘what is mountain coffee’, right?