What is espresso and espresso-based recipes?

What is espresso defined?

Espresso is a form of coffee which is made by using high pressure to force hot water running through fine ground coffee powder. This coffee recipe is full-flavored and generally thicker than other types of coffee. It has high concentration of suspended and dissolved solids. Espresso is usually featured with crema (a thin layer of foam) on top. The strong presence of crema indicates a well-ground coffee with high quality and a skilled barista. This coffee is placed in a small-sized specific cup because it is dark and intense and strong.

espresso in a typical coffee cup

A black espresso cup of coffee in glass.

In other hand, it can be understood as a method of making coffee not just a coffee recipe. It is true, also. It is a method of forcing hot water through ground coffee to extract coffee’s aroma and taste under a high pressure.

One shot or double shot?

The term “shot” is quite popular in making this coffee recipe. One shot is the result of a process of forcing pressurized hot water through coffee ground. The shot size or length refers to the amount of ground coffee powder in a standard amount of water. For example, ristretto (or short shot) refers to the first ¾ ounce [oz] (~ 21 gram) of espressos in an extraction; single shot is 1 ounce (~ 28 gram) shot; lungo (or long shot) is 1½ ounce (~ 42.5 gram) of espressos and double shot is the shot using twice the amount of coffee in the porta-filter.

what is espresso? Lavazza

A coffee product of Lavazza specially designed for espressos sold at Amazon.

From this coffee preparation, many espresso-based versions begin.

This coffee recipe is the base of plenty of other drinks which is generally called: espresso-based beverages. They include macchiato, cappuccino, latte, mocha and americano. Macchiato is one shot with dollup of milk foam. Cappuccino is the combination of equal parts of espresso’s liquid, steamed milk and milk foam. Latte is one part of this coffee liquid and two parts of steamed milk. Mocha is steamed milk, espresso-brewed and chocolate. And americano is equal parts of espresso’s and hot water (and it is a diluted coffee for American people).

Today, espresso’s cup brewed in espresso machines which are specially used for making this type of coffee. There are various types of machines with various models and prices which can be used at home and at coffee shops. You can easily find a machine you love from Amazon or other ecommerce sites.

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What are best coffee beans for a cup of it?

There is no difference between pure coffee beans and espresso-roasted beans. Those beans are usually the mixture of many types of coffee (mostly arabica) to provide the best flavor. However, the beans have to be roasted differently from regular coffee beans. They are roasted darker because its taste is thicker and stronger than others. The ground must be finer than other normal coffee ground. Most basically, roasted coffee beans for making a cup of espresso must be pure roast; that is, coffee only and nothing added. And the roasting degree is preferrably dark roast or super dark roast because a dark roasted coffee bean will offer a perfect cup with strong and bold taste. Depending on customer’s need and drinking habits, a barista may use different blendings of coffee beans from 100% arabica to 100% robusta or mixing both of them at different ratios. The particle size of ground coffee powder used for this coffee preparation must be very small, fine and smooth.

what is espresso lavazza

Lavazza roasted coffee beans (whole beans) for espresso at Amazon.

To conclude, espresso is a very famous drink in the world, especially in Italy where it was born and other European countries. With special processes from roasting, grinding to brewing, espresso’s recipes are deserved to become the king of coffee beverages. Moreover, a barista who is considered as a professional is the one who can make a good cup of espresso.