Types of coffee beans and its main commercial varieties.

What are types of coffee beans?

Coffee bean is the most important part on a coffee tree. It is sat inside the red cherry and used to make coffee ground. And each coffee type has its own beans with different features to compare with others. Like coffee recipes, there are many types of coffee beans in the world today. Here are main commercial varieties.

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#1. Robusta – one of main types of coffee beans

Robusta is one among main types of coffee beans. Robusta coffee is very suitable to the soil and weather condition of Vietnam, especially the Central Highland with basalt soil. It is the most popular coffee grown in Vietnam and accounts for 90% the total area as well as the annual productivity. Robusta coffee beans are featured with intense flavor, high caffeine, strong fragrance and non-sour. It fits for Vietnamese’s taste but not a favorite coffee for foreigners.

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About the beans, Robusta coffee has sphere shape. It usually has 2 beans in a cherry. Robusta beans after processing has intensively bitter content and light fragrance with dark brown coffee water. Robusta now plays an important role in making cheap instant coffee as compared to other types of coffee beans.

#2. Arabica coffee – first coffee among types of coffee beans.

Arabica is the most favorable coffee flavor in the world. Since its first day in Arabian peninsula, arabica today is the largest amoung types of coffee beans consumed daily. It is cultivated on the height of 600m above the sea in temperate climate condition. Like other types of coffee beans, arabica coffee is mostly grown in Brazil and some other American and African countries. The special feature about Arabica is that each area growing Arabica can provide different flavors; for example, Arabica coffee in Ethiopia has similar taste with berry, while the ones grown in Indonesia and India can have earthy taste, etc.

Arabica comes in 2 different main sub-types:

  • Moka coffee: it is the best coffee beans in Arabica line with very charming and pleasant smell. It has very light sour flavor which is loved by foreign drinkers. Its price is quite high.
  • Catimor coffee: intense flavor, light sourness and strong aroma.

Arabica has longer and bigger bean than Robusta’s. Its cherry has oval shape, containing 2 flat seeds. The cheery with one bean inside is called Peaberry (or Culi in Vietnamese) which offers a very special aroma and super dark water.

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The different between Arabica and Robusta in processing is that the Arabica is sunk in water for ferment and then dry by natural heat.  That’s why Arabica is always sourer than other types. This sourness is the favorite taste of foreigners, while Vietnamese is not interested in sour flavor.

#3. Cherry coffee beans

Cherry coffee is very famous for its strong sourness. It is not as popular coffee as Robusta and Arabica, but it is very good pest resistant and always provides high productivity. Unlike two main types of coffee beans, cherry coffee has very distinguishing flavor and extreme sourness. Its beans are very shining and have very pretty golden color. When brewing, it has light flavor and a fragrance of cherry. This type of coffee is suitable with women by its great combination of idyllic flavor and elegant feeling.

#4. Arabica-Robusta coffee bean

This is the combination of two main popular coffees in the world. Arabica-Robusta is also called Arabusta. It is blended (or hybrid of) between two main types of coffee beans – Arabica vs Robusta. Arabusta brings a perfect flavor extracting the best features of both Robusta and Arabica. It means this coffee has the intensive bitterness of Robusta and charming aroma of Arabica. It also has light sourness.

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#5. Robusta – Cherry coffee beans

This combination provides of coffee flavor of both sour and bitter. It is perfect for anyone looking for a cup of coffee with strong content of bitterness and sourness.

#6. Robusta – Culi coffee beans

This combination provides a very strong content, darker in color and strengthens the bitterness. It is a perfect coffee for coffeeholic that prefers intense flavor. The robusta culi coffee beans have strong bitterness, fair aroma, high caffeine content and super dark color of water.

To sum up, there are many types of coffee beans in the world today. However, just several types of coffee beans are selling commerically. They are robusta, arabica, cherry, peaberry, arabusta, and so on. Each type of coffee bean possesses its own characteristics although they are all coffee beans. By blending coffee beans, we can have other types of coffee beans as well.