Will K cups single serve coffee capsule be more eco-friendly?

What is K cups?

K cups are known as a patent technology of Keurig Company and this invention is so simple to bring effectiveness incredibly. In fact, the cups are a small and paper-made cup in which consists of a cone-shaped paper filter internally. The function of this paper filter is to hold consistent and exotic blends of coffee.

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K cups is a coffee capsule of around 7gram each equivalent to 1 espresso cup.

How does the cups work?

First and most important advantage of K cups is user-friendly nature. Instead of filling the coffee machine with coffee beans in traditional way, placing cups in the machines enables the complete process to be very time saving, clean and fast. Particularly, one thing drinkers need to do when they want to make their cup of coffee through this K cups is just laying it onto a coffee maker, then the machine automatically makes two holes-one at the top and the other at the bottom of the cups. Following that, hot pressurized water is forced through the top hole and released from the bottom hole.

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Which one is compatible to K cups?

By this way, the quantity of coffee and water is always balanced and under control which is the term of impeccably consistent flavor outstanding feature of Keurig cups. Concretely, it is certain that the mix of a right blend with a reasonable level of water will create a perfect cup of coffee whenever you want to use. Another crucial feature is that it can be filled with any blend and satisfy the various demand of coffee drinkers. There is a vast of popular blends made by or compatible with Keurig: Caribous, Diedrich, Emeril’s, Gloria Tian’s Green Mountain, Tunothy’s, Tully’s. This feature helps to explain why people respond strongly to the Keurig technology and its cups became so popular in the community of coffee drinkers. The main reason is that they provide diverse flavors for drinkers to choose from and try each every time.

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Many coffee brands have a K cups compatible version of coffee capsule.

K cups and its controversial debate.

Nevertheless, the environment is under threat from cups’ popularity. These single serve coffee cups manufacture and consumption “generate a ton of plastic wastes-the pods were almost disposable and not recyclable. Furthermore, the significant increase in sales of Keurig model recently has raised the concerns with the environment. The technology caught on the needs of offices where people with different brews, consequently, “Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) brewers are now on kitchen counters everywhere”. Meanwhile, the more single serve cups are being consumed, the more plastic trashes are thrown away in the environment. The negative effects of this huge backlash are unpredictable as its non-biodegradable characteristic. John Salvan, who is the inventor of these cups regrets that he ever created them deeply. Rather than anyone, he realized how bad of K-cups for the environment. In an interview of the Atlantic, Salvan said that he and his colleagues had designed solutions like reusable cups and even tested the design for many years to ensure that it had worked. Sadly, Sylvan has not the power to take responsibility for the problem because “he sold the company for $50,000 in 1997 and it is now owned by Green Mountain”. He put many efforts to persuade the company to improve but the leaders did not want to listen. On the side of the company, Keurig has tried to “block those cups from working in its machines”. The company is also conducting its own plan and commitments “to making 100 percent of Keurig cups packs recyclable by 2020”.

To sum up, some criticize that K cups single serve coffee capsules are affecting our environment as its producers do not use a proper coffee capsule. However, we might all agree that these cups have been made a revolution on coffee consumption and also changed the way we drink coffee. Time is needed to have a correct answer on the future of this single serve coffee cup system.