K cup and the benefits of using this single serve capsule.

K cup is a common name used for single-serving coffee brewing system. It was originally invented by Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company, which is why it is called K cup. Today, there are a lot of coffee brands providing single-serving coffee and all of them are called K cups.

What does a K cup really mean?

This cup is designed as a small plastic cup which holds coffee ground at its top. When using it, people will place it in a coffee brewer and the machine will make a mug of coffee based on the coffee types that the system offers. Its mechanism is similar to a French press or filter. Ground coffee is hold tightly in the top part of the capsule. And when you put the cup inside the brewer, the metal tube of the machine will drill a hole into the cup so that water can flow in the part holding coffee ground. Then the machine will use high pressure to make the water to infuse and run through coffee powder. When brewing is done, the tube will drill another hole at the bottom of the cup to let the coffee flow into the mug below.

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Benefits of using K cup single serve.

Using K-cup is somehow more beneficial than using regular coffee maker. It is definitely convenient and easy to use. Also each K cup hold a different coffee ground to make different coffee drinks, which makes it very favorable at public places which gather many people of different coffee flavors. Here are some main benefits you can get when using this single serve system:

  • Convenient: You don’t have to grind coffee beans, measure the amount of coffee ground, etc. They are already done in a K cup. Each K cup has a coffee taste with reasonable amount of coffee ground for one standard cup. All you need is to put the cup in a coffee brewer, press a button and then just sit and wait in only some minutes to enjoy your coffee. Moreover, after making coffee, you don’t need to clean or take care of anything, because K cup is one time use.
  • Variety: the K cup of Keurig Company varies in more than 400 varieties of both coffee beverages and non-coffee beverages. They offer many kinds of coffee from the best coffee growing areas in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, etc. They also offer the organic coffee, blended coffee, pure coffee, and so on. They provide dark roast, medium roast, light roast, decaf, and even more… And coffee drinks are numerous, from French roasted coffee to espresso and espresso-based drinks. It is believed that whatever coffee types you look for, K cups can satisfy your need.
  • Reasonable price: it is said that investing in a K cup system is much cheaper than buying Starbucks coffee. K cup is usually sold in set with different flavors with the price of about 60 cents per cup, while buying coffee at coffee shops can waste you $2-5 per cup. Therefore, investing a coffee brewer once for lifetime usage and buying sets of K-cup is more economic than other ways of drinking coffee every day.

Explore your K cup by today and leave us your experience/comments below.