What is Jamaican blue mountain coffee?

Where is Jamaican blue mountain coffee from?

Blue Mountain is the name of a mountain range located in Jamaica – an island country in Caribbean Sea, Central America. Blue Mountain is a land where famous for growing great quality coffee trees. The brand Blue Mountain Coffee or Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is very well known for amazing coffee flavor and aroma. It is considered as one of the best coffee tastes in the world.

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What is the condition for growing Jamaican blue mountain coffee?

The geographic condition for Jamaican Blue mountain coffee is perfect for the development of coffee trees and provides a special flavor for coffee beans. Blue Mountain has the highest peak in Jamaica and the fifth highest peak in Caribbean area with the height of 2,300 meters. This number is a great height for the coffee trees. Moreover, especially, what is so-called “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee” is only grown at the elevation of upper 1,700m. On the other hand, the coffee grown at the height of 910m is called “Jamaica High Mountain coffee”, and the coffee cultivated at the elevation of 460m is called “Jamaica Supreme” or “Jamaica Low Mountain.”

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The climate is cool all-year-round and misty with high rainfall, which helps the coffee beans fully developed and naturally insect resistant. The cloud covers the mountain most of the day as well as forest cover provide shade for coffee trees, which reduces sunlight in order to slow down the development of cherries because the longer mature time of coffee cherries, the greater of aroma and flavor of coffee beans.

Especially, the soil is the main factor that provides the exceptional taste of coffee. Soil condition in Jamaica in general is rich, but the soil on Blue Mountain is less rich than other areas in the country. However, the soil there is derived from both metamorphic and igneous rocks and is quite porous and prone to leaching. It also has some special nutrients in soil to contribute extraordinary flavor and aroma of coffee. In particular, the low level of acidity in soil helps to provide the rich and strong flavor coffee.

What is the variety of Arabica grown in Blue mountains?

Blue Mountain coffee mostly provides Arabica coffee of Typica varieties. This special Arabica coffee is famous for its mild flavor and extremely light bitterness. It becomes one of the most expensive and favorite coffee in the world, with $10 for a cup of coffee in Japan and $54 per pound in USA. About 80% of this coffee productivity is exported to Japan annually. The 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is only exported by Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. And, the 100% Blue Mountain coffee is really rare, which make other producers have to blend it with other coffee types.

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With sweet taste of chocolate and very dedicate aroma of orange, floral and butter, Blue Mountain Coffee deserves to be one of the best and most sought-after coffee around the world. Beside the favorable natural factors, Blue Mountain Coffee has to been through the very careful and detailed process of picking the best coffee beans and drying to produce the perfect coffee with perfect flavor.