Irish coffee – a world’s famous coffee recipe

What is Irish coffee about?

Coffee is always a kind of indispensable drink for many people. Regular coffee recipes you might enjoy everyday including black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino or latte. However, Irish coffee is a coffee you should try at least one time in your life because of its unique taste.

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How was the first cup of Irish coffee found?

There is a historical story behind this delicious drink. Irish coffee was invented by Joe Sheridan who was a head chef in Foynes, Ireland. The coffee was born in one winter night in 1942, after five terrible hours of battling a storm; the flight had to turn back. Joe’s restaurant was informed to prepare food and drink for cold and tired passengers.

The original Irish coffee recipe goes a little further than adding Irish whiskey Joe thought that all passengers needed something to warm them up, so he mixed dark, rich coffee with some Irish whiskey, a little brown sugar then floated whipped cream on top of the cup. All passengers tried this in silence until one American passenger said in surprised: “Is this Brazilian coffee?”. Joe responded “No, that is Irish coffee”. Amazingly, this might be the first time Irish coffee was shouted.

A cup of Irish coffee in Christmas

A perfect cup of Irish coffee will warm you Xmas Eve up.

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The coffee recipe interprets Irish sprits and hospitality.

Irish coffee is one of favorite drinks for many people. Telegraph magazine wrote: “smooth like velvet and cozy, warm your spirit and body, too”. Only Irish coffee was served in a single glass with all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat. Joe Sheridan explained: “Cream as rich as an Irish brogue, coffee as strong as a friendly hand, sugar as sweet as the tongue of a rogue, whiskey as smooth as the wit of the land”.

One of the most wonderful thing is staying at home on a rainy day, when wind and cold rain beat against the window panes, hiding in the blanket, reading one of a favorite book and slowly enjoy a glass of Irish coffee, feeling the smooth, full of temperature contrasts as whiskey laced coffee, hot and sweet slides through cold cream layered on top.

Irish coffee cup with cakes

A delicious cup of Irish coffee with cakes.

The Irish coffee glass is divided into 3 layers, bottom layer is the mix of whiskey and brown sugar, the next slight brown layer is coffee and whipped cream lays on top of the glass. Whiskey in the harmony with coffee makes you have no idea which is wine and coffee. The warm feeling will dominate your body, debate the cold inside and outside after the first sip.

It seems not easy to make a cup of Irish coffee.

It’s not easy to make a genuine Irish coffee. Firstly, filling footed mug or a mug with water to preheat, then empty. Pouring one freshly hot brewed cup of coffee into a warmed glass until it is about ¾ full. Adding one tablespoon of brown sugar and stirring until it is completely dissolved. After that, blending in 3 tablespoons of Irish whiskey such as Bushmills or Tyrconnell, topping with a whipped cream and serving immediately a perfect Irish coffee cup. “Do not stir” is one thing you must remember when you enjoy Irish coffee because the drink will stay warm a little bit longer with the cream sitting on top. If you do not have a slight cream mustache when finishing your first sip, it’s not a right Irish coffee drinking style.

A line up of Irish coffee

A number of Irish coffee cup in a coffee shop.

Each country and region has typical foods and drinks, Irish coffee is one of special desert with tasty, warm and unique flavor of Ireland – an island located in the north – west of Europe. If you are cold on the road or feel lonely, a glass of Irish coffee will warm your soul and blow out your sadness.