Irish coffee recipe – world’s finest coffee.

Irish coffee recipe – not just a coffee drink.

Coffee beverages have been varied in different variations. One of them is Irish coffee recipe. The Irish coffee is an interesting combination between coffee and whiskey. Actually, it can be recognized as a cocktail rather than a coffee drink. A cup of Irish coffee recipe is a mixture of hot coffee, Irish whiskeys and sugar (brown sugar may be preferred) and it is topped by a layer of thick cream.

irish coffee recipe

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From a sudden mix that warms the world…

Irish coffee recipe was invented by Chef Joe Sheridan in 1940s. He worked as a chef at Foynes port in Ireland. It was a terrible cold winter in 1940s when a group of American passengers disembarked the port in the very miserable freezing state. Joe decided to add whiskeys to the coffee to make them warm. And when being asked, he said it is Irish coffee. The coffee had special and intense flavor which rapidly became favorite drink at Ireland. It was first brought to the United States in 1950s. In here, it was floated cream to add more flavor and aroma for it.

… To an easy-to-brew coffee.

The Irish coffee recipe is quiet easy to make. Firstly, black coffee will be poured into a wine glass (not using normal coffee mug). In the meantime, dissolving sugar into Irish whiskey, then pouring it into the coffee. Cream is put on the surface of the glass. The main purpose of putting sugar as an indispensable material is that it can make the cream floating on the liquid mixture. When drinking it, you must not stir the cream into the coffee. You will drink coffee through that layer of cream.

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There are plenty of variations for Irish coffee recipe, but the four key ingredients are still hot black coffee, Irish whiskeys, sugar and cream. The combination of three different materials including black bitter coffee, a typical alcohol and sweet unwhipped cream creates a particular and extraordinary flavor. It is a cocktail, but having flavor of coffee, which is like no other coffee beverages and cocktails. However, the flavor of Irish coffee recipe depends on strength of the coffee, the type of whiskey, usage of sugar (white sugar or brown sugar) and the amount of cream added. The Irish coffee recipe recipe may not too difficult to make, but it must be followed an ordering steps and all the materials has to be in strictly standard requirements. The coffee needs to be drunk when it is hot.

With the presence of alcohol, Irish coffee recipe is not an everyday drink because it causes you addictive and it is not a healthy drink. But its great and unique flavor is worthy to try some times. Especially, it is a perfect drink for special cases, such as New Year Eve or some parties. Originated from a small town in Ireland, Irish coffee recipe has spread out through the world and become a international favorite beverage.