5 steps to supply coffee beans wholesale

Vietnam is the second largest country in producing coffee. There are plenty of coffee farms across the country, from the Northern mountainous area to mountainous Central region and especially Central Highlands. Therefore, the chance for you to become a coffee beans wholesale trader is really huge and clearly possible. Just follow 5 easy steps and you will be succeeded in the coffee industry.

#1. Taking a serious plan of coffee beans wholesale

This is the most important step. Having a detailed plan at the beginning will help you find it easy to the next steps. In Vietnam, the local farmers are usually lacking knowledge of the market, commerce and doing business. They know very well about planting coffee trees and harvesting coffee beans, but they don’t know how to deal with other extra tasks. Therefore, they commonly sell the green coffee beans or sometimes coffee cherries to coffee beans wholesale traders. You should take this advantage and convince them to provide coffee for you. To have the best price and the best coffee, you should buy coffee cherries and do all the coffee processing by yourself.

coffee beans wholesale

“Keep calm and pretend it’s on the lesson plan”. Plan your coffee business today!

After finding the best coffee farms, you need to plan which customer target you will offer wholesale coffee. Usually, coffee beans wholesale will be supplied for coffee retailers or big coffee shops. I mean local farmers most concentrate on farming, and they need trusted and professional coffee beans wholesale buyer to help them trade coffee at larger markets. This is a key point if you have a good plan, you then help to accelerate coffee business with farmers.

#2. Taking coffee processing by yourself

To do that, you need to know all the knowledge about market and coffee. Having comprehensive knowledge about coffee will help you in making the best quality and flavor for your coffee. You need to invest in best equipment and necessary machines. You need to build your own coffee mills and warehouses to processing and preserving coffee. At first, it seems that you must spend a huge amount of money for all of this things, but it is one-time investment in the long run.

This step will take you a lot of money and efforts. The most difficult task is building your coffee mill. There are numerous things and taks to do: choosing the place for the mill, brand registration, getting the required governmental permits, buying the best coffee machines such as coffee de-pulpers, etc., building the washing stations, preparing the sun drying facilities (or buying the coffee drying machines) and last, but not least, adequate storage infrastructure to stock green coffee in safe conditions. However, all of them will visualize you as a trusted coffee beans wholesale supplier to compete against other competitors within the same industry.

#3. Roasting coffee

Roasting coffee is a key step to create your own perfect coffee flavor. A coffee beans wholesale provider needs to roast their own coffees. You have to buy the best industrial coffee roasters and learn all about roasting techniques. There are many types of roasting processes, coffee roaster brands and different packaging methods that can make the difference between a good cup of coffee vs a standard cup.

coffee beans wholesale

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# 4.Promoting your coffee

In this step, you need to make everyone known about your coffee brand. The easiest way is promoting through media and social network (Facebook, Twitter, and so on). Secondly, because you are wholesaler, you need to bring your coffee to coffee retailers and coffee shops – your main customers. Let’s bring some packs as sample and show them how perfect your coffee is. You also can participate in coffee festivals and coffee events because it is the most effective way to promote your coffee.

#5. Keep trying to improve your coffee quality

During your business, from when you start to build a network of loyal customers, you have to keep in mind that your coffee quality always needs to be improved. You have to take controls over all processes, from the moment when coffee cherries are picked to customer’s brewers. Besides, updating the market and customer services are very necessary to maintain you as a pro-rated coffee beans wholesale supplier.

To sum up, becoming a coffee beans wholesale trader is a really difficult job because there are much of knowledge to learn and a lot of tasks to do. However, with the constant increase of coffee consumption, you don’t have to worry about failing if you can control everything.