How the choose the right home coffee roaster

Why does a home coffee roaster make sense?

Roasting coffee at home is becoming an attentive trend among coffee drinkers. Usually, your coffee will be in its best taste if you brew it during 10 days after you roast coffee beans. Therefore, roasting beans at your home can ensure the freshness of your coffee as well as the quality of coffee beans. Here are useful tips for a home coffee roaster of your own.

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Manual roasting or machine roasting.

There are a lot of methods to help you roast coffee beans, from using specific appliances called “coffee roaster” to roasting by normal pans. And, we do not have term “best roaster” or “best method” because all of them are working well and the results are excellent. Also, the best one is the one which meets all of your personal demands, including how light or dark you want to roast, how much coffee you make and how much money you want to budget. Meanwhile, manual roast method requires more efforts when you have to control temperature, time and roasting process by your hands. And the result is you have full-bodied coffee beans but sometimes they are uneven. Using machine or coffee roaster, you have less works to do because it is automatic. Although home coffee roaster seems to be more expensive than manual roast, it is a way of more convenient and easier.

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Choosing your right coffee roaster depends on how dark you want to roast your coffee, the amount of coffee you drink everyday (to choose the size) and the money you spend for it. For home coffee roaster, the batch sizes vary from 4 to 12 ounce of green coffee. Four ounces of unroasted beans can provide 5.25 scoops of coffee ground, equivalent to 26 to 42 ounce of coffee liquid. Each roaster has its own size, and the choice depends on your demand.

Air roaster or drum roaster?

Basically, a home coffee roaster is divided into two types: air roaster and drum roaster. Here are the similarities and differences:

Air roaster uses the same mechanism of popcorn maker to roasting coffee. It floats coffee beans on a bed and use hot air to roast and blow them. Air roasters usually come in smaller sizes, which can be very convenient to use at home. It takes about 8 to 12 minutes to roast and it offers bright and light flavor coffee.

Drum roasters, on the contrary, are basically a heated rotating cylinder or a horizontal axis. It provides hot air flowing around the drum to heat the beans and the cylinder rotates to move the beans for even roasting. Drum roasters take 14 to 20 minutes to roast your coffee. It is slower than air roaster, but it can roast the larger amount of coffee beans at once. Besides, if air roasters can produce bright flavor for your coffee, drum roasters can make more full-bodied and strong coffee with darker beans.

So, an air roaster is time-saving and more convenient which can roast slight taste and bright color for coffee beans, while a drum roaster tends to make rich and earthy and “robust” coffee taste but it also takes more time to carry out the process. Generally speaking, people usually prefer air roasters at home and use drum roasters at coffee shops.

To sum up, roasting coffee by yourself (or sometimes we call DIY roasting) with home coffee roaster at your home is a truly fantastic experience for coffee fans across the globe. You can take it easily and manually by roasting with a frying pan and get bizzard results. If you feel manual roasting like a physical exercise, this is time for trying automatic roasters. Automatic home coffee roasters with two main kinds of air roaster and drum roaster will help you to produce roasted coffee beans like a pro as they are easy to use; automatic and best result guarantee.