What is Green Mountain Coffee Roaster (GMCR)?

What is green mountain coffee?

Green mountain coffee bonds with the name of a well – known company all over the world, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (known as GMCR). In 1981, Robert Stiller, GMCR’s founder, caught his own opportunity to set up one of the world’s famous coffee roaster. From a small coffee shop in Vermont, he has brewed great cups of coffees from small markets of a ski resort to a huge market across North America as today. Since its first days, GMCR promised to deliver excellent coffee cups for its customers. Then, the working area of the company was expanded to restaurants and shops thanks to skies that were on vacation and tried Green Mountain’s coffee.

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A Keurig compatible Green Mountain Coffee is listing at Amazon.

How did Green Mountain Coffee expand?

They asked owners if they could order coffee to enjoy it at home. From that, the company started to receive its mail order business, restaurant, and shops in local area started to book Green Mountain’s Coffee due to the demand of customers. These were the starting point of the popularity of Green Mountain’s Coffee afterwards. In 1989, a commitment which has retained unchanging relevant to the company’s development is an environmental committee formed for supporting to instruct of Green Mountain Coffee on conservation issues.

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A roasted coffee product of Green Mountain is listing on Amazon.

Green Mountain Coffee began to acquire Keurig.

In 1993, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. was officially registered and made its first IPOs on September of the same year. In the late 1990s, Green Mountain began connecting with Keurig coffee company within the deep investment. This synergy was made as one of the strategic market placement decisions for Green Mountain. Actually, this was proved its effectiveness when Green Mountain completed its purchase of the single-cup coffee brewer manufacturer. Because of user-friendly nature and a wide range of Green Mountain coffee, K-cups have quickly existed in almost homes and offices.

green mountain coffee keurig

GMCR acquired Keurig to form a coffee giant in North America.

Nowadays, Green Mountain Roasters coffees are sold widely in supermarkets purchased online, delivered automatically when people sign up for Coffee Express. Moreover, people can enjoy Green Mountain coffee at any beloved restaurants and buy Green Mountain Coffee pre-packed into Keurig K-cups- Green Mountain which sells the most varieties of coffees in K-cups of any of the Keurig partners”. Together with the dramatic development of the company, Green Mountain Coffee has taken the lead in the coffee industry. “For its award- wining coffee and socially responsible business practices. Evidently, in 2013, Green Mountain Coffee was ranked the 1,761 on The Forbes Global 2,000 list, “a categorization of the largest publicly listed companies in the world”.

To sum up, Green Mountain Coffee is a famous coffee brand in North American markets. This coffee roaster had started its beginning at a modest position. Thanks to its right strategy and best service, the brand now is a coffee giant in North America. It is very famous with single serve coffee machines under brand names of K cups and Keurig.