What is espresso coffee?

Espresso coffee is a popular drink beloved by a lot of people in the world thanks to its delicious and attractive features of freshly brewed coffee. It is so popular that many coffee lovers say: “If a coffee drinker hasn’t tried it yet, he or she wouldn’t have been touched the magic world of coffee”. Espresso was created in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century and the name was rooted in the word “express”, which is possibly served to customers immediately. After that, espresso has been spread into America and other continents by Italian immigrants. For those reasons, the coffee is more popular in Europe than in America and the spread of it on a long time might have caused misconceptions considerably.

espresso lavazza amazon

An espresso coffee of Lavazza sold at Amazon.

The most frequent misunderstanding is that this coffee recipe requires a dark roast but, in fact, that is just the common and favorite flavor of a large part of people in the community living in Southern Italy. In addition, espresso is a kind of coffee drink instead of a type of bean as the thoughts of many people who are confused by a variety of it. Furthermore, “espresso can be made from coffee beans of any sizes and any roasting degrees” says Kyle Glanville of Chicago.

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Espresso and a rule of 4 Ms.

Making a perfect cup of espresso coffee is all about a complex and detailed process that is only made by a pro-rated barista. This process is evaluated as a work of art with the barista as an artist. A perfect cup is a balanced blending of different factors but, in general, its brewing process is kept under a strict discipline of M’s including Macinazionne (Grinding), Miscela (Mixing), Macchina (Right Blending) and Mano (Hand guesture). The world of espresso is absolutely various among coffee ingredients, blending and ways of drinking. Here are some coffee recipes with a base of espresso or espresso-based coffee recipes.

Common types of coffee recipes with espresso.

1. Latte

This type is definitely popular in North America and it is quite gentle thanks to adding a lot of milk and a minimum usage of coffee. The ratio of this drink is a compound of 1 oz (equal to 28.35g) shot of espresso named “single shot” with 6-8 ounces of steamed milk and foam on top.

espresso based coffee drink latte

A latte making machine of Mr. Coffee at Amazon.

2. Cappuccino

Unlike latte, cappuccino is a complete blending of three ingredients which include a single shot of espresso at the bottom, wet milk and dry foam or frothy on the surface. However, dry foam and frothy are not so necessary for this drink.

espress based drink cappuccino

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3. Macchiato

Although people often remind to it as a brand of Starbucks when mentioning to this drink. Actually, this is not a complex drink which consists of espresso mixed with a layer of foamed milk above.

espresso based drink machiato

Caffe machiato from Dolce Gusto.

The design below can help you to remember most common espresso-based coffee recipes much easier.

coffee recipes with espresso

Espresso-based coffee recipes.

To sum up, espresso is a basic coffee serving which has been loved by coffee lovers worldwide. Espresso creates the “most virgin”and original taste and aroma of coffee. Hundreds of millions of espresso coffee cups are being consumed daily across the globe. From its nature’s taste, espresso is also a base for other coffee recipes such as latte, cappuccino, machiato, etc. which have been made the world crazy for it. Have your espresso today yet? Not yet? Check out some from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1G4T6l9.