How do famous coffee brands specialize its cup of coffee?

How do we start our new day with a cup of coffee?

Coffee is every day beverage that people around the world drink. According to some surveys, about 60% of adults take a cup of coffee every morning to start a new day. And because of the rushing time, everyone tends to drink coffee on the way they go to work. That’s the reason a lot of coffee chains come out and provide take-away coffee. They put coffee in a paper-made cup as known as a disposable cup of coffee that is used for only one time. Let’s discover the stories behind the logo printed on a cup of coffee of world’s famous coffee chains.

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#1. Starbucks Coffee

This is the most popular coffee chain in America in particular and in the whole world in general. It has 21,536 stores in 64 countries around the world. People are so familiar with the logo of a green mermaid on coffee cup of Starbucks.

As the explanation of Starbucks founders, in 1971, when they were in the process of establishing Starbucks, they did make some researches about the history of exporting coffee to USA, and they found a marine book which included a woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid or called “Siren”. And they thought the image of her is what exactly they looking for: a seductive mystery combined with the sea theme. And that was the way you can see a green mermaid on the Starbucks coffee cup every day.

a cup of coffee of starbucks amazon

A featured coffee cup of Starbucks is selling at Amazon.

The design of Starbucks logo on the coffee cup has been changed a lot by time, since the day it was found. However, the picture of Siren was still there. It is the symbol and the heart of Starbucks.

#2. Costa coffee

If Starbuck is a pride of American, then Costa Coffee is the pride of the Britain. This global chain was founded by two Italian brothers: Sergio and Bruno Costa in London. The chain is now having 1700 stores spreading out of 28 countries around the world. It is considered the second largest coffee chain in the globe, after Starbucks.

The logo of Costa Coffee is quite simple. It is just the big line “COSTA COFFEE” put around three coffee beans. And the logo on the coffee cup is much simpler with the word COSTA in white printed on red cup. It is simple, but very stylized and easy to be recognized.

cup of coffee of Costa

Costa’s cup of coffee is fantastic.

#3. The Coffee Bean

Its official name is “The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf”. It is a very popular American coffee and tea chain and now go abroad to other 23 countries all around the world. The Coffee Bean is the original creator of Iced Blended drinks which is favored by millions customers.

About its logo on the coffee cup, it is design as a round divided into two parts: the above is “COFFEE BEAN” with a coffee bean as the symbol of coffee drinks; the bottom is “TEA LEAF” with two small leaves as the symbol of teas. The logo is iconic and eye-catching with brown roasted colors to indicate the true color of coffee.

cup of coffee of coffee bean and tea leaf

A cozy cup of coffee of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

To sum up, there are a lot of more big coffee brands and coffee chains with symbolic and distinctive logo designs on its cup of coffee. Beside the quality of coffee, the style of logo on coffee cups is very important in building the reputation for coffee chains because it is printed on the cup of coffee that customers take away with them every day. Simply saying, a customer with a well-designed cup of coffee on her or his hand will feel like wearing an accessories. Most importantly, a cup of coffee with harmonious design will draw more brand loyalty from its customers.