What is Kona coffee?

The big island of Hawaii is not only well-known for a variety of natural wonders but also for its specialty: Kona Coffee which is not so familiar to many, the connoisseur in coffee unincluded. The Kona coffee belt lies along the coast in the West of Hawaii’s Big Island in which the unique and unusual weather patterns have created one of the priciest and scarcest coffees in the world.

Kona coffee

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Where is Kona coffee planted?

“The high elevation, constant cloud coverage and rich volcanic soil from Hualalai Volcano in the upland slopes of Kona” are natural condition yielding desirable flavor of Kona coffee which is gentle, various among aromas and taste, clean and well-balanced instead of having bitterness and intense acidity as other normal coffees. In addition, the distinct flavor is also generated from a meticulous and complicated processing in which raising, protecting and collecting steps are almost conducted by human hand due to full of obstacles and difficult of access, such as the unavailability of affordable cost housing and labor; the impossibility of machine; sloping, volcanic rocky mountain, etc.

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Otherwise, the official harvest is the period between August and January when berries ripen and these berries are hand-picked. On average, farmers have to work industriously on each individual tree five to six times during every harvest season. For such that unconventional mode of production, the high level of price in Kona Coffee is inevitable.

How has Kona coffee been famous across the globe?

The historic foundation and development of the Kona Coffee covered several stages. It is said that coffee had not been the original plants of the Hawaii Islands until they were first introduced and planted to the island of Oahu by Spanish travellers. In 1828, a missionary brought the cuttings from those trees to Kona, planted them in the area and opened the prosperous coffee industry for Kona by the mid-1800s. Further more, numerous tourism activities have been created, relating to the development if Kona Coffee industry such as visiting coffee plantations, learning about the detailed harvesting process, exploring the coffee mills and processing, etc.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

The most noticeable event waited by coffee lovers when they have opportunity and can not miss is the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. This is a festival in which visitors are free to participate and taste Kona Coffee, view Hawaiian music performance and parades. The festival is held during November in Historic Kailue Village (Kailua-Kona) by the Hawaii Tourism Authority. In addition, the festival has remained since 1970 and it is the most Hawaii’s ancient food festival also the only festival in the United States. Therefore, the festival is celebrated annually for the purpose of preserving and promoting Kona Coffee heritage.

To sum up, Kona coffee is world’s famous single origin coffee from Big Island, Hawaii. Kona coffee is featured with its unique taste and aroma. Many world’s famous coffee roasters do have Kona coffee as their special coffee reserves.