What is Green Mountain Coffee Brand?

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster or Keurig Green Mountain is a US – based company of trading coffee and coffeemaker found in 1981 by Bob Stiller. The company is headquartered in Waterbury, Vermount, the United States where they source, produce and sell coffee beans, coffee ground, Keurig coffee brewers and variety of beverages including K-cups, coffee and teas. The company is one of the largest enterprises in coffee trading.

Green mountain coffee product

A coffee product of Green Mountain Coffee Roaster

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Which kinds of coffee does this coffee brand offer?

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster (GMCR) provides various coffee products, including both coffee machines and coffee beverages. However, what makes their great reputation is the K-cup – one of the most special products created by the company in 1993. K-cup is a single serving coffee brewing system. In a simple way, K-cup is a small cup holding ground coffee powder inside and it is placed in a Keurig brewer to make an espresso cup at an earliest time. K cups have different blending with different coffee tastes. It is a very ingenious invention which changed the experience of drinking coffee, especially to American coffee lovers until K-cup is complained as an environmental harm since it cannot be recycled.

green mountain coffee k cups

K cups is one of the world’s most beloved coffee products.

The controversy of K cups?

The story happened in 2010, when Murray Carpenter, a journalist of the New York Times, had a visit to Keurig company and found out its K-cup was not recyclable or biodegradable, which can impact onto the environment. The problem is at the time Carpenter reported that shocking news, Keurig’s K-cup was very popular in the whole USA then and Keurig had already sold three millions of K-cups and this number is rapidly increasing every day. And more than 80% of their profit came from the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable coffee pods. That’s the reason for an intense controversy.

The pod or cup to hold coffee ground that be called K-cup is only one time use (disposable cups). It means you use it for once and you throw it away. Therefore, it creates a huge waste that cannot be recycled or biodegraded.

green mountain coffee

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Moreover, the image of Green Mountain Coffee is sustainable company but their main product is bad for environment. This makes a terrible impact on their image, especially when there are some campaigns raised to call up people not using K-cup such as the campaign “Kill the K-cup”. Green Mountain Coffee suffered a lot from these campaigns. As a result, their reputation was effected.

The reaction from Green Mountain Coffee. Is it deserved a code of ethic?

Not just sit and watch, Green Mountain Coffee tried so hard to seek solution for this problem. They did not cut down the K-cup. They also did not try to hide the truth. They accepted and apologized for causing an environmental issue. The inventor of K-cup system John Sylvan even said he felt regret for making the non-recyclable, single-serve coffee pods. Moreover, the company set the target till 2020 to develop a new generation of K-cup made of 100% recyclable materials as well as find ways to separate the components of K-cup for easier recycle.

green mountain coffee donut shop capsule

Will Green Mountain Coffee Roaster improve its K cups shortly?

While waiting Green Mountain Coffee Roaster find solution to solve their problems, customers should reduce the number of K-cup they use every day. The company also informs that K-cup can be reused for the second time because the coffee ground in the cup is still good after the first time brewing. Or we can come back to the traditional way of brewing coffee for a better and safe environment.