What is Irish coffee?

Irish coffee is a hot–cocktail blending with hot, black coffee, whiskey and floating cream layer that is well-known in the Irish community, especially in their pubs.

Irish coffee cup with wines.

A perfect cup of Irish coffee.

How was Irish coffee found?

It is said that the Irish coffee was invented at the Foynes airbase (near Shannai International Airport today) by a chef named Sheridan in 1942. The invention was rooted in an agency of a flight when it was forced to return the airport instead of flying to New York because of a storm in a winter evening. At the moment, in the cold, damp weather of Atlantic, Sheridan tried to warm up and encourage unlucky passengers by a drink. When he was asked if the drink was Brazilian coffee, he denied and said to them that was Irish coffee.

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Since that event, Irish coffee has been served widely at the airport, especially to warm travellers when the weather turns miserable. Although the original starting point of Irish coffee was in Ireland, the spread of it started in North America since Stanton Delaplane, who is a travel writer, introduced it to a coffee shop named Buena Vista Café as a beverage in San Francisco in 1952. “In the years since, the Buena Vista has served over 32 million cups of Irish coffee and still whips up an average of 2,000 cups per day.”

Is Irish coffee difficult to prepare?

Irish coffee mug.

A mug of Irish coffee with foam.

Actually, the Irish coffee processing is not as complicated as other drinks like espresso. Initially, sugar and coffee following are put in a stemmed glass mug which should be heat-proof. Then, they are moved around until dissolved. Next, whiskey will be added on to the previous mix and stirred one more time. After that, the floating cream layer on the surface is made by pouring cream in the back of a pool. Finally, an Irish coffee mug can be ready for enjoying immediately but it is essential to note that the drink should not be stirred anymore and the drinkers should drink the coffee through the luxurious cream layer. So, just in the time of around 5 minutes, people can make their own Irish coffee without being too difficult to conduct.

The spirits and traditions behind an Irish coffee cup.

Surprisingly, the invention of Irish coffee was so high-valued that people choose January, 25 annually to be “National Irish coffee day” as a way to appreciate the outstanding combination. Furthermore, Irish coffee is also seen as a standard of Irish ingenuousness and Irish spirit: not complicated but still luxurious and attractive enough to cause people to get addicted. In addition, the Irish spirits are especially represented by the original recipe of Joseph Sheridan through a poem:

“Cream as rich as Irish brogue

Coffee as strong as a friendly hand

Sugar sweet as the tongue of a rogue

And whiskey smooth as the wit of the land.”

Irish coffee in Xmas time.

Irish coffee cup in Christmas time.

Nearly a century went over; Irish coffee has played a crucial role in Irish community and been well-known by friends all around the world. The value that Irish coffee brings to the Irish community is more than a beverage. It reflects the love of Irish citizens to their wealthy and wonderful country so that people can feel and imagine how beautiful Ireland is. Moreover, the kindness and sincerity of Irish people are also reflected in Irish coffee; therefore, drinking Irish coffee is for the purpose of discovering how deep and mysterious the Irish souls and how warm the Irish hearts are.