What is green coffee?

Green coffee is quite strange to many people as it is not so popular in the community, excepting people who have wide knowledge of coffee. Green coffee beans are coffee berries and have not been roasted or unroast coffee beans. Green coffee beans still reserve chlorogenic acid inside. Being compared to roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans contain chlorogenic at a higher level.

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Moreover, chlorogenic acid available in green coffee is promised to be beneficial to people’s health, especially vascular system, diabetes, loosing weight, etc. However, people are still confusing the effects of green coffee on human bodies and the experts are still conducting the experiments to check the actual effects of it on people’s health.

green coffee vs roasted coffee

Green coffee beans versus roasted coffee beans.

Benefits of green coffee are still under more comprehensive experiments?

In a study named Pennsylvania carried out by university of Scranton, 16 individual participants who are overweighted and in obesity was conducted. Those people took extract pills of green coffee beans before a meal three times a day without physical exercises and eating habit change. Overall, after 22 weeks, each participant had lost his or her weight considerably and rapidly by 17 pounds. Additionally, on the Dr. Oz’s show in 2012, green coffee beans were mentioned as magic pills that can “burn fat fast” naturally while no exercise and diet is needed.

green coffee and roasted coffee

The chlorogenic acid level within green coffee beans vs roasted coffee beans.

Green coffee extract seems good to many cases but it just “seems”.

On the other hand, the effects of green bean extract on people’s health are controversial. Specialists speculated that the higher level of chlorogenic acid in coffee beans is an effective substance to burn fat instead of caffeine. According to other researchs, people who have high blood pressure can consume about 93 mg or 185 mg of green coffee extract daily to reduce blood pressure after 28 days. Using 80-200mg of this extract daily is possibly effective for weight loss during a period of 12 weeks. Nevertheless, both the quantity and quality of the research on green coffee are still so limited that we could not make sure the accuracy.

green coffee can loose people's weight.

Green coffee bean extract with its chlorogenic acid can help to loose your weight.

Otherwise, green coffee extract is just supposed to use in a specific amount because it can cause several negative effects on user’s health. The first important thing is that caffeine is also included in green coffee like normal coffee. Caffeine is the main factor which causes some side-effects such as sleep disturbance, stress, stomach-ache, headache, vomiting, fast heartbeats; as a result, it can worsen anxiety. Beside that, the inner pressure of drinker’s eyes can be increased and diarrhea also can be worse when absorbing a large amount of caffeine. Furthermore, it is crucial to note that pregnant women and breast-feeding moms should consider the safety of using coffee extract carefully because safety information of them is still not enough to rely on and the best way for those people is to avoid using it. Last but not less, the extract of green coffee is a potential drug for treatment but the most important thing is that we need more time to wait for comprehensive researches to be made by trusted resources. By this way, we can know thoroughly about the actual effects of this coffee extract on people’s health so that we can know exactly how to use it in the most effective way.

green coffee bean extract amazon

A sample green coffee bean extract is selling at Amazon.

To sum up, coffee is not just for drink. It has more useful effects than we’ve thought of. Green coffee, a formation of coffee, contains chlorogenic acid which can be used as a substance to loose people’s weight at a specific amount. This acid is also named green coffee extract as a commercial name. It burns fat inside a human body in a very natural weight that the user does not need to do extra excersises or changing eating habits. However, there still have been other controversial opinions on using this extract; thus, it needs more time to carry out more comprehensive experiments.