Many coffee brands have been entered world’s coffee markets.

It is not certain that how long coffee has become popular in human life but we definitely know that coffee plays a crucial role in everybody’s life nowadays. Clearly speaking, coffee is the most influential beverage in the world’s communities. Rather than any other drinks, people are in favor of coffee because of its delicious, energetic features and numerous benefits it brings to people’s health. Initially, for office staffs, it is likely to be a tool to keep their spirit stayed awake. And coffee lovers tend to be loyal to many coffee brands. In a connected world of today, people have many choices on commercial coffee machines of giant brands as well.

coffee brands at Amazon.

There are many coffee brands sold at Amazon today.

Furthermore, some research indicates that coffee enables people to lose weight, prevent cancer, brain stroke and heart stroke. Particularly, black coffee is recommended to maintain a healthy heart by specialists because it interferes the process of fat sticking in heart’s walls.

Anyway, the positive effects of coffee on drinkers must base on the quality and reputation of coffee brands they are drinking. As demand of coffee is increasing currently, many coffee brands on the markets. However, there are several brands, which are most beloved and well known globally by customers. Here is likely the five best coffee brands with extremely different, unique and scrumptious taste that makes people who enjoyed once cannot forget.

Maxwell House – the best coffee brand in North America.

Maxwell House is one of the most favorite coffee brands all over the world. Most people are in favor of its very strong and scrumptious flavor combined with great aroma. Specially, it has the taste of dark chocolate that is sweet and stable in order to satisfy even a coffee addict.

coffee brands Maxwell House

A K cup compatible Maxwell House Coffee at Amazon.

Folgers – the best coffee brand comes second.

Folgers is the main coffee brand in California. With a market share accounting for 21.6 percent, the demand for it plays a huge proportion in the community. Moreover, Folgers brand also took the lead in the Harris Poll Coffee of the year list. Either the flavor or the smell of Folgers is yummy so that you will wake up at once when having a cup of floggers-product line of Folgers. Generally, coffee drinkers love its “pleasant flavors” which are definitely great “without the burnt aftertaste that plagues so many other dark roasts”.

coffee brands Folgers.

A coffee product of Folgers at Amazon. Folgers has a good marketshare in North America.

Starbucks – a name that is taught as a case study in textbook.

Starbucks is such a familiar label to Americans. This coffee brand is connected closely to the coffee shop chain in which Starbucks coffee shops across the globe maintain a main target market segmentation – rich businesspersons. One of the outstanding Starbucks guiding principles is to “apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of our coffee”. The principle has contributed to the success of Starbucks besides its strong effective flavor.

coffee brands Starbucks Via

VIA – a Starbucks coffee brand – is selling at Amazon.

Millstone – a handcrafted coffee brand.

Known as a private coffee brand, it tastes very delicious. Its strong flavor commits to provide coffee drinkers with power and inspiration. If you need to work late, even overnight in the condition of staying awake then a small cup of espresso Millstone can support you energies without tiredness.

coffee brands Millstone

Millstone is selling at Amazon.

Nescafe – a giant coffee brand.

Nescafe is considered the largest coffee brand. Nestle, its mother company, is based in Switzerland. The strong, mild and light flavors have made it become the most popular and tasty coffee brand of all times that people like to drink any time. There is a diversity of Nescafe coffee types but people seem to be fond of instant coffee products due to its fluffy, creamy and very frothy features. Although it has presented on the coffee markets for a longest time, it still maintains the original and available flavor as the first day.

coffee brands dolce gusto nescafe

Dolce Gusto – Nescafe’s premium coffee brand is selling at Amazon.

To sum up, coffee brand represents a name, quality and reputation of a coffee house. There have been many coffee brands launched since the first date coffee was found. However, famous coffee brands are not many. To have a well-known coffee brand, one must, in deed, have excellent quality, nice design, and strong marketing activities as well. Some famous coffee brands you may know are Maxwell, Folgers, Starbucks and Nescoffee.