What is best coffee?

Stepping into the 21st century, coffee trees have been planted in around 10 main nations all over the world. The various coffee-growing places have contributed to a wide range of coffee types with distinguishing flavors. For such that variety, it is not so easy to determine which a best coffee is in this world.

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However, according to expert evidence, the best coffee beans come from the coffee trees grown at high altitudes in a tropical climate and condition of nourishing soil. Therefore, the location along the Equatorial zone where is between latitudes 25 degrees north and 30 degrees south is the most suitable condition of all places for the best coffee production. On the other hand, the determinants of the quality and flavor of coffee vary among the kinds of plant, the ingredients available in the soil, the weather. Specifically, the amount of rainfall, sunshine and the definite altitude are the crucial factors affect the quality also flavor of coffee.

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Moreover, processing methods are not of less importance in coffee’s flavor generating. All of these factors are coordinated to determine which one the best coffee. Here are five types of coffee considered the best by coffee connoisseurs in the world.

Ethiopian coffee – the best coffee from coffee’s hometown.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee is grown in the Yirgacheffe area of Sidamo region, South of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is well known as the birthplace of coffee where Arabica Coffee grew wild in the forests. Therefore, the angle of extreme genetic diversity of the coffee shrub should be rated Ethiopian Coffees as some of the best in the world. The typical characteristic of a great Yirgacheffe is floral aroma, which provides a smooth-bodied and sweet bright flavor with emphasized lemon notes. This particular trait makes Ethiopian Coffee completely differ from other coffees in the world. For its soft and pleasant floral profile, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is served as a special kind for iced coffee.

Best Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee under the brand of Marley Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee – the best coffee flavor from Pacific Ocean.

This coffee is named by north Sumatra’s Mandailing people who live in west-central part of the Indonesia Island near Padang, between 2,500 and 5,000 feet above sea level. The unique and dry processing method, which includes washing the dried husk of the coffee cherries in hot water, partly creates the much more special flavor than normal dry-processed coffee. The profile that makes Sumatra Mandheling coffee considered as one of the world’s finest coffees is its smooth, full body combined with an intensive and unique complexity in flavors. In more details, Sumatra Mandheling is known much as an earthy and intense taste as an herbal aroma. With an enough acidity amount to create vibrancy, Mandheling coffee generally contains tones of sweet chocolate and licorice. Thus, Sumatra Mandheling is a great choice for espresso drinks to hold its original taste when milk or cream added.

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Kenyan coffee – another origin for best coffee from wild Africa.

For the major part, Kenyan coffee grows at the elevations fluctuating from 1,400 meters to 2,000 meters above sea level. Kenya coffee is often described as rich flavors along with a deep. In addition, wet-processed method contributes to create wine-like acidity and pleasant aroma for Kenya coffee, which is particularly bright with complex tones of fruit and berry. For this reason, the aftertaste of a Kenya coffee may be quite similar to that of Ethiopian coffee but with more of a full-bodied richness than Ethiopian coffee.

Kenyan coffee AA

A single serve K cup Kenyan AA coffee of Green Mountain Coffee Roaster.

Tanzania Pea-berry Coffee – An A-graded best coffee.

Being grown on the hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro near Tanzania’s border with Kenya, Tanzanian coffee distinctly owns “a medium body and bright, even penetrating, fruit-toned acidity”. The deep and rich flavor may represent black currant notes soften to chocolate and generate the sweet and deep aftertaste.

Best Coffee Tanzania peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry will charm your mind.

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee – an oceanic best coffee.

This coffee is planted at high altitudes on the island of Sulawesi located in the middle of the Indonesia’s Borneo Island. Otherwise, Toraja coffee is also known as Celebes, which is rooted in the Dutch colonial name of Sulawesi. A Toraja is high qualified when it is “well-balanced with under tones of ripe fruit and dark chocolate”. Compared to Sumatran coffees, Sulawesi Toraja coffee has some similar points, for instance, deep and brooding flavors, fruit notes and simple sweetness. However, it is less body than Sumatran Coffee but slightly more acidic.

Best coffee Sulawesi Toraja

Sulawesi Toraja will bring you a freshiest coffee taste from Pacific region.

Arabica from Cau Dat and Chieng Ban – Vietnam’s famous best coffee.

Have you ever tasted Arabica coffee from Vietnam? If yes, Arabica coffee from Cau Dat and Chieng Ban are must-taste coffee from Vietnam. These are not to miss premium coffee beans from famous growing regions within the country. Cau Dat and Chieng Ban possess a perfect altitude for planting catimor Arabica coffee beans, which contribute unique aroma with herbal taste.

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Buon Ma Thuot’s Robusta – world’s best coffee in range.

As you do know, Vietnam is very famous with Robusta coffee. In addition, Buon Ma Thuot is the most famous origin of Robusta coffee in Vietnam. Robusta coffee here is grown up in rich volcanic soils with perfect altitude for Robusta including tremendous hills and mountains. Robusta is strong, robust and bold. Robusta from Buon Ma Thuot is the strongest of strong coffee of the world.

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To sum up, best coffee is often coffee beans grown up in famous coffee origins across the globe. To have a best coffee, we will need either a suitable region for coffee or a special processing method for coffee itself. Obviously, best coffee has been beloved worldwide by a rising number of coffee drinkers those who are having more concerns on specialty coffees. Vietnam, as known as the world’s second largest coffee producer, has Cau Dat’s Arabica, Chieng Ban’s Arabica and Buon Ma Thuot’s Robusta as the country’s famous best coffees.