How to become a coffee wholesale supplier?

Coffee wholesale is very potential, isn’t it?

Coffee is consumed everyday with a huge amount. In addition, the number of people drinking coffee constantly increases time by time. That is why investing in coffee market never becomes old-fashioned. However, coffee market is also a very competitive arena where so many coffee wholesale distributors and retailers do their business. Therefore, if you want to become a coffee wholesale trader, you must have a comprehensive and deep knowledge of coffee, coffee production, coffee processing, coffee varieties, etc. Here are some tips to guide you through becoming a successful wholesale coffee trader.

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#1. Research everything about coffee.

It is the very first and important step to get into the coffee wholesale market. It is obvious that when you tend to do business in a certain field, you must understand thoroughly everything in that field. In coffee understanding, you have to learn the whole process from growing coffee trees, harvesting coffee beans to drying, roasting, grinding coffee beans. You also need to know what level of height, climate condition and soil is the best for the developing of coffee. In brief, you need to become a coffee professional so that you can convince your customer as well as know where and how to find the best coffee taste.

#2. Determining the types of coffee you will sell.

It is better if you can find some specific coffee wholesale, rather than carry with so many things. You can focus on varieties of coffee beans such as Arabica, Robusta, Liberia, etc. For example, if you are a coffee wholesale supplier in Vietnam, you should invest in Robusta coffee – the one get many favors from Vietnamese people. You also can consider the types of coffee such as green beans, roasted beans or coffee ground. You can focus on one type or you also can sale all of them.

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After determining the coffee you will sell, you have to find the coffee provider. Because you are a coffee wholesale supplier, you need to have a wide source of products. You should take coffee from coffee farms to have the best quality and best price. It would be great if you have your own coffee warehouse with necessary and modern equipment to keep your coffee always in good condition.

#3. Find market to provide your coffee wholesale.

As a coffee wholesale distributor, you need to have “big” customers because no individual buy bulks of coffee for their personal use. You need to find coffee retailers, café, coffee shops with high demand of consuming coffee. To convince them purchasing your coffee, you need to sell the best coffee with excellent flavor and charming aroma. Moreover, a reasonable price is another important factor. Customer services and delivering are also critical matters. The key to your success is professionalism. Setting up a system of online ordering, phone ordering, and shipping product as fast as possible, etc. are the ways to show your professionalism. In the market today, quality of product is not enough; you also need to advertise that high quality of your product to customers by plenty of ways, including your professional in working with customers.

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#4. Take partnership with WSCAFE.

The easiest and most affordable way to become a coffee wholesale retailers is to take partnership with a pro-rated wholesale coffee supplier. As you may know, a newbie on new fields of business will probably get mistake to build a comprehensive learning curve. Thus, taking partnership with an experienced wholesaler will guide you through basic things first and as a result, you are more certain to be succeeded. In this point of view, WSCAFE is a pro-rated coffee wholesaler from Vietnam and has been in the industry for years. It has a strong partnership with local coffee farms and hands-on experience on launching new coffee products. Those are very helpful to a coffee wholesaler’s start.

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To sum up, how to become a coffee wholesale supplier is quite interesting. However, in a world of too much competition nowadays, a supplier of good preparation, deep research (in product, in market, etc.), great flexibility and little bit belief in yourself will have more advantages of success in the long run.