Coffee mug and its commercial main types.

Coffee mug is really a part of your life.

The demand of drinking coffee is constantly increasing. According to some researches, about 54% of American adults drink a cup of coffee every morning. Taking a mug of coffee to start a new day is becoming a basic daily need of people around the world. That’s why choosing a lovely coffee mug for containing coffee at home or at work is really a matter.

Coffee mugs come in different materials with various sizes and shapes and models. The creation of producers provides an endless quantity of coffee mugs. Based on materials, here are some types of the most favorite coffee mug.

#1. Porcelain coffee mug

Porcelain-made coffee mug is a most popular one among commercial mugs. It is various in shapes and sizes and decorations and colors. This material allows keeping heat without reveal any harmful chemicals (like plastic coffee mug). It is also featured with plenty of colors and designs, with beautiful images or patterns or meaningful texts printed or painted on the mug. Most of them have handles which is easy to hold.

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Porcelain mugs are perfect for drinking coffee at home or at other stable places because they are well-decorated. Besides, they are made of ceramic which be easy to break. And most of them have no top to keep it from spilling. So it is not suitable to take away with.

#2. Stainless coffee mug

Stainless is an innovative material used anti-corrosive components to extend the durability of the mug and ensure its safety for health. Stainless coffee mug is usually covered with a plastic outer to make it cooler when users hold by hand. Stainless mug is very great in keeping the heat. Normally, you can keep your coffee hot for a full day. Moreover, it has a cover lid with a spout or a hole to prevent spilling and maintain the heat even longer.

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Contigo stainless coffee mug is one of best-selling item in Amazon.

With these benefits, stainless coffee mug is perfect to take it with you from this place to others. It can refer as the “travel mug”.

#3. Glass coffee mug

Glass coffee mug is made of glass (usually thicker than wine glass cup). This type of cup is a good heat keeper and elegant appearance. The glass coffee mug is used for specific coffees such as Irish coffee, espresso, mocha. It is also used in coffee shops, café or restaurant.

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#4. Disposable coffee mug

Disposable coffee mug is made of paper, foam or some special plastic. It is used for takeaway coffee by almost coffee shops serving coffee-go-go. This type of coffee mug is for only use once. Most of them are friendly to the environment and can be recycled. It is lightweight and a good heat keeper. A disposable mug with top is very popular among takeaway coffee brands. A disposable mug with no top is very convenient for coffee machine at public, for party or community events.

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Beside the diversity of materials, coffee mug is also various in sizes and shapes, meeting the tremendous demand of users.

To sum up, a coffee mug is not only a coffee container but also an accessories. Choosing a right mug for you is somewhat very important in order to keep coffee in a good condition at different purposes. Basically, there are four main types of coffee mugs which are porcelain mugs – a classic one, stainless mugs, glass mugs and disposable mugs. As they are made from different materials; therefore, the function and usage are not the same.