Coffee maker and its history at a glance.

Coffee maker in its first days.

Like the development of human being, coffee maker also had a long story of development which can be called “the history of innovation and milestones”. Since coffee was found as a favorable drink by African, methods to make coffee have been continously changed so far. To have an automatic coffee maker using electricity today, our ancestors used different and interesting ways to brew coffee.

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In the past, people used simple methods to brew coffee: roasted coffee ground is put in a pot or pan and then hot water was poured into that pot/pan and covered up with a lid or an attachment. The pot was specially designed to prevent the coffee ground pouring out with water.

  • In 1970s, the coffee ground was put in a small bag made of linen which is a big development.
  • The first coffee maker using a filter called drip brewing was introduced in 18th century.
The first true coffee maker was invented in 19th century.

The invention of coffee maker was actually begun in 19th century, when a French inventor named Laurent made the first coffee machine which quickly became very famous. This machine was a pumping percolator which contained a metal pot with a chamber placed at the bottom to boil the water; a vertical pipe attached from the chamber to the percolator top for boil water run from the bottom to the percolator where held the coffee ground. When water was heated up, it rose up the pipe and infused the coffee above.

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… And it kickstarted a new revolution for modern coffee makers.

The 19th century is a boom period of coffee maker inventions. In 1853, James Napier – an English engineer created the vacuum siphon coffee maker. At this time, it was quite difficult to use, but it provided great coffee taste and was highly valued by coffee lovers. The vacuum coffee makers are still popular these days.

Electric coffee maker really changes our ways of brewing coffee.

The electric coffee percolator, which was predecessor of automatic drip coffee machine today, was first come out in mid 1800s. The invention of this machine was a big milestone of coffee maker history, which allowed making plenty of coffee pots at the same time without using stove.

Single serve coffee maker -the newest trend of brewing coffee.

The 20th century marked the explosion of producing coffee makers. They came in different models, styles with different varieties, from filter coffee maker, more innovative vacuum maker to automatic drip coffee machines. Especially, the single coffee maker and K cups which was invented by Keurig Company was the latest model of coffee makers. It had small cup containing different types of coffee ground called K cups to make single coffee cup for individual.

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To sum up, coffee lovers around the world are still exploring the best way to brew the best coffee. That’s why we have a lot of rooms for ideas and innovations. It means the land for innovations and inventions is still unlimited. And the history of coffee maker will be continued to write. Applying the technological advances in coffee making is a great way to have the best-tasted and convenient coffee mugs.