What is a coffee roaster?

The definition of a coffee roaster can be acknowledged in two directions. Firstly, it can be defined as a professional who obtains beans in large quantities and devises roast times to achieve certain types of tastes. Secondly, it can be known as various machines or sometimes the people who use them. Whatever the way coffee roaster is understood, they all recommend to the process of shifting coffee beans from pipe green coffee beans to brown or black coffee beans, which provide material for grinding process and coffee products. In history, people applied numerous methods for roasting coffee beans at home.

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At that time, major of people purchased green beans and roasted at their own home. Therefore, the perception of roasted beans is from coffee. Suppliers were quite strange for them. Until the early 1900s, some clever businesses realized a lot of potential when entering the new market for providing this service. Actually, nowadays, pre-roasted and pre- ground coffees become so popular. In the world and the amount of consumption is extremely huge.

A coffee roaster at home?

On the other hand, although people’s habit has changed a lot, home roasting is still a passion for coffee lovers that are in favor of coming back the classic coffee preparation for making coffee. Generally, there are three common methods of household roasting coffee: oven roasting, stovetops cooking and machine roast. For oven roasting method, it regularly works most effective when coming with a convection oven. This stems from circulating air around the beans that enables roasting quality to be constant and full-aroma. Instead of using a convection oven, however, several people choose to use a basic gas oven.

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On condition that coffee beans are cooked at high temperatures, the smoke and steam are released from evaporation. That is a result of a good-working oven fan or event. By this way, “the smell can be pretty overwhelming at first too, though some people like it”. An alternative method is stovetops coffee roasting which commonly used with gas burners. The burden of this method is that the beans will burn easily if roasters are not cautions to move beans constantly. Additionally, the method also requires roasters to be skillful with their hands to pull or shark the beans during the time of cooking. In the main, this method is more time saving than oven roasting “but it is more labor intensive”. The last method of making roasted coffee at home is to employ roasting machines, which are almost high evaluated. The prices of these machines vary among the difference of roasting types. This method is considered to be the most user-friendly one in the three methods though “some purists suggest the pan roast method field’s better coffee”.

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Commercially, roasting done on a large scale is considered a form of art by many coffee roasters. Initially, roasters have to gain a source of high-quantified beans, which are then placed in large roasting machines to generate “roasts”. Next, these are packaged and purchased on the spot or transported to companies. Following that, at the companies, they are either delivered to customers as whole beans instantly or ground into blend for attractive coffee drinks.

In general, the temperature smell and color of roasted coffee differentiate in time and roast method. The average time of roasting coffee is around 20 minutes in the oven and about five minutes on a stovetop. Moreover, the length of time can be determined by considered color. Concretely, “a little less flavor” and a stronger caffeine pot belong to lighter coffee where as “lower acid but strong flavor and less caffeine are the property of dark coffee. Last but not less, the small of coffee also plays a crucial role in roasting process because it is the determinant of brown or black bean from green bean, “it begins to smell like recognizably roasted coffee”.

To sum up, coffee roaster is a machine that helps to roast green coffee beans into roasted coffee of different roasting degrees. Coffee roaster is also various. Industrial coffee roaster is used for coffee factories with a large roasting shift. Smaller roasters are used at home or at laboratories with a small roasting capacities of around 1 Kg or 2 Kg at once. Medium sized coffee roasters are used for coffee shops ranging from 5Kg to 10Kg of roasting capacity.