What are coffee mugs?

Coffee mugs are “large cups, typically cylindrical with a handle and used without a saucer”. On the average, 54 percent of adult population consumes coffee as a basic demand in United States daily. This number indicates that some types of mugs used for drinking coffee are required by over a half of the adult population. Similar to coffee cups, coffee mugs are also sorted by styles, materials and functions, which adapt to various customer’s tastes and purposes of using.

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What are common materials for coffee mugs?

Particularly, there is a wide variety in materials chosen to made coffee mugs and each has its own characteristics. In that, porcelain, stainless, plastic and glass are the most common materials used to manufacture coffee mugs. Moreover, the shapes and sizes are flexible in design to satisfy the complicated demand of numerous coffee drinkers. By this diversity, people are free to choose from the coffee mugs with the size, material and shape that are most suitable for them.

Porcelain coffee mugs.

These mugs have the function of restoring heat and appearance decorated beautifully. By these features, they fit to offer guests in one’s house. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of this type are that its material is easy to break and it is frequently does not have cover on the top for preventing the coffee from spilling. Consequently, this type of mug is generally not considered to use at work or when traveling.

coffee mugs procelain

Porcelain coffee mugs are widely used worldwide.

Stainless steel and plastic coffee mugs.

Stainless steels are normally combined with plastic in order to produce hybrid coffee mugs. The quite popular style is the one in which a stainless steel outer cup is lined with plastic. In addition, a drinking spout or hole on lid is advantageous for liquid inside to spill. By this structure, heat is trapped under the lids and maintained for a long time and the mugs of this type are well protected from being broken.

stainless steel coffee mugs

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What is a standard size of coffee mugs?

Otherwise, the sizes of coffee mugs are generally designed according to general standard. Evidently, for instance, most of them are at least 12 ounces (354.8 ml), similar to the size of a soda can and the standard of size serving drinkers who have a huge demand of coffee per day, some mugs are up to 20 ounces (591.4 ml) or even more oversized so as to contain much larger amount of coffee. Besides the size, the shape is definitely crucial. “The shapes of coffee mugs are also very diverse from the traditional to the jumbo mug, which resembles a tall drinking glass in size and shape”. In order not to feel awkward when using coffee mug’s handle should be fit to user’s hands and bring comfort to users.

To sum up, coffee mugs play an important role on serving coffees worldwide. There are many types of coffee mugs which are very unique and colorful. A coffee mug itself reflects drinker’s hobbies and habits. Generally, coffee mugs are made from porcelain, plastic, stainless steel or glass. A nice and well designed coffee mug can enhance your feeling of drinking coffee as well.