What are coffee makers?

Coffee makers are a machine or percolator (a device) for making coffee. Similar to other inventions, coffee makers have a long history. It is believed that the history of coffee makers begins in around 575 AD when the Turks knew how to brew coffee. After that, many stories relevant to coffee makers remained unknown during the later period until 1818 when coffee percolator was first invented. Following that, a range of inventions was continuously born that marked the glorious history of the coffee maker in modern times.

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Coffee markers with the first days.

Initially, the first deep coffee created is a device named “a big gun” in France. At the same time, the pumping percolator designed by another French inventor was beloved by cowboys, pioneers and moms of 1950s. In 1840, the Napier Vacuum Machine was the first to contrive. In the mid 1800s, the first electric percolator, which possesses the out standing, feature: making pot after pot coffee easily without dealing with the stove had a huge effect to the community. Nowadays, it still keeps its original and plays an important role in the history of coffee makers. However, Mr. Coffee, the first commercially successful automatic deep coffee machine, converted the history of coffee maker into an extremely new period when “revolutionizing what we drink coffee and changing the history of the coffee maker forever”.

coffee makers Mr. Coffee

A best-selling coffee maker of Mr. Coffee on Amazon.

Recently, there are a vast of coffee makers on the market after the first Mr. Coffee machine. During the time, coffee makers have improved and enhanced gradually in order to serve high-quality coffee drinks to users. Concretely, drinkers are not only free in choosing from a diversity of coffee makers available but also in making various types of coffee drinks they desire just by pressing several buttons. Here are four typical common types of coffee makers on the current market.

Drip coffee makers.

Drip models are considered “the standard home dispensers”. Thanks to its ease of use and reasonable level of price, it is widely consumed by a large part of the community. Particularly, when you want to use, you just need to put your beloved round coffee in a coffee filter and then fill them with water. The next step is to turn the coffee maker on and wait for just a few minutes; you can enjoy a hot pot of your favorite drink. Additionally, an advantage of this machine is to allow users to “brew any where from one to 12 cups of coffee at once” that is so convenient to serve multiple coffee drinkers at home.

coffee makers with inside dripper

A drip coffee maker with its inner dripper to extract coffee sold at Amazon.

Espresso coffee makers.

Espresso coffee makers are created with a design to make the specific bold coffee drink, which is famous all around the world as espresso. Along of the popularity of espresso drink and the advance of technology, espresso machines exist almost places in the world, from coffee shops to kitchens. The design of modern espresso makers permit users to make espresso from any type of ground coffee consisting of dark and light roasts. Especially, the design also enables to generate any number of espresso shots. Moreover, a dual spout of many models allows users to create two distinguishable shots at the same time.

coffee makers moka pot

Bialetti – an excellent pot for making espresso sold at Amazon.

French presses – true coffee makers.

French pressed make use of the most classical version of modern coffee making in the world. Although existing for a very long time, from the 1850’s, this type of coffee maker has still kept its original compared to other coffee makers: they are almost changed due to the advances in technology. The reason it is still temporary is that “French press coffee remains of the preferred coffee making methods for coffee connoisseurs”. The feature differentiating French presses to others is no electricity required. Otherwise, French presses’ price is also affordable. The design is quite simple including a tall cylinder with glass is commonly used material, a plunger and filter. In order to make a serving of coffee, you need to boil water and roast grounded coffee initially and then continue to do the following steps by instruction.

coffee makers French press

French press is still beloved by many coffee fans and you can buy one from Amazon.

Single coffee makers.

Single coffee makers are a great deal of a serving of coffee made within fast and efficient process. Particularly, a coffee pod on pre-packed cup containing grounds and a miniature filter inside will yield exactly what you desire. The pod is with a design to fit inside a specific type of machine. According to the basic principle of working, “hot water is filtered through the pod or cup and brewing takes place in that contained space with the push of a button”.

coffee makers single cup brewers

A single cup coffee brewer can save your time a lot.

To sum up, coffee makers are equipments or stuffs which help to process coffee from roasting to grinding and brewing coffee. Coffee makers can normally understood as manual coffee processors. However, they can also include automatic machines such as espresso machines, single serve coffee pods, etc. Like coffee machines, coffee makers help to boost and maintain the best coffee aromas and tastes in the most natural way.