What are coffee machines?

Coffee machines are just simple to be a machine used for making coffee. In 1818, Mr. Laurens of Paris, France first invents it. His design was a percolator typed coffee machine and “this percolator consisted of a metal pot with a chamber at the bottom which is placed on the heat”. In addition, an upright pipe lengthened from the chamber to percolator top and below of this top is a perforated chamber. On condition that being heated, water would rise the pipe and infuse the coffee above. During the time, coffee machine become much perfect than previous due to the variety in sizes, styles and prices, etc. Actually, it is not certain that how long coffee has played an essential role in daily life but it is right to say that millions of people are drinking coffee as the way to find motivation to work in every morning.

coffee machines sold at amazon.com.

A coffee machine is sold at Amazon.com.

However, the state of queues in the café can drive you crazy. Therefore, bringing coffee machine to your home means taking barista–quality to your home is definitely convenient and fast. Whatever you desire to make latte, espresso or anything else, looking for the great coffee machine that fits in your taste might be crucial. Especially on the recent market, there is a wide range of coffee machines and this may confuse you.

Here are the typical types of coffee machines on the current market that will enable you to have an overview of coffee machines:

Manual coffee machines.

This is a traditional type of coffee machines that has been popular for a long time, “advancing with a number of options available to even the fastidious coffee enthusiast”. Particularly, the coffee-making method of all manual coffee machines is identical with creating water pressure and forcing the water through lightly packed coffee in the handle. By this way, the small coffee particles are extracted in term of high pressure that results in a richer, fuller, and stronger cup of coffee. Especially, manual machines are most suitable for those who want enjoy barista coffee with their private taste at home.

Manual coffee grinder

A manual grinder is sold at Amazon.com.

Automatic coffee machines.

This kind of coffee machine is perfect in household coffee makers. An automatic machine completes almost steps in the coffee-making process, from grinding to brewing and frothing the milk. A few machines even have a button so that users touch in whenever they want to have a cup of cappuccino. Consequently, all you need to do is just press a button and quickly, you will have a great coffee serving. As a result, this machine is a sense of option for those who are so busy to prepare and make their own coffee while entertainment required.

coffee machines automatic

An automatic coffee machine sold at Amazon.

Capsule coffee machines.

Capsule coffee machine is known as the newest product in the coffee machine lines. Concretely, a pre-measured amount of coffee contained in the small, sealed container is the major advantage of buying a capsule of coffee. Making a perfect espresso is never simple than now, just by placing the capsule in the machine and then selecting a particular button. Similar to automatic coffee machines, the outstanding feature of these machines is speedy and convenient nature. Meanwhile, “the downside to using capsules is that your choices of coffee are limited to those offered by the particular manufactures”. Nevertheless, major of this machine is installed a milk frothed device for instant cappuccino or latte. Consequently, this kind of machine is a great solution for busy people who are “constantly on the run”.

coffee machines Keurig

Keurig is currently the world’s most popular coffee capsule brewer.

To sum up, coffee machines are tools and equipments to be used for processing coffees from roasting green coffee beans to grinding coffee beans and brewing coffee powder. Coffee machines can be coffee roasters, coffee grinders and coffee brewers. A coffee machine can run manually such as a manual grinder or automatically by electricity such as an espresso machine. Coffee machines themselves help to enhance coffee quality in terms of extracting full coffee tastes and aromas.