What are main types of coffee grinders?

Coffee grinders at a glance.

Grinding roasted coffee beans into ground powder is an important step in coffee preparation. That’s why we need coffee grinders. A coffee grinder is a machine or a manual appliance to grind coffee beans into powder.

Coffee grinders have been existed for years since the day coffee became a favorite beverage around the world. And grinders used electricity as a power were just invented in the early 1900s. These machines help the grinding process more convenient and faster. It also makes the coffee ground much finer and smoother than hand grinder. A good coffee grinder can provide quality coffee ground, high grinding speed and the long durability of the machine.

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How many types of coffee grinders are there?

There are two main types of grinders – blade grinder and burr grinder. Let’s have a closer look at two of them.

#1. Blade coffee grinders – grinding coffee beans with sharp blades.

They are machines using blade to slice the coffee beans. Actually, it does not “grind” the coffee beans. It smashes them into bits using two high-speed blades. The only problem of using blade grinder is that the coffee ground is not consistent in sizes. And if you want to have fine and even coffee ground, you have to grind over and over again, which is very time-consuming and damage the quality and aroma of coffee.

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#2. Burr coffee grinders broke roasted coffee beans with burrs.

They use the wheel to grind the coffee bean into ground. It crushes the beans between a moving grinding wheel and a non-moving surface, which provide smooth and fine ground. The positioning on the burr can decide the size of coffee ground. The burr grinder is more effective and also expensive than blade grinder.

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Burr grinders, in turn, has two other burrs:

  • Wheel burr: it uses round grinding wheel which work at super fast speed to spin around. It spins really fast to make the coffee beans into ground. However, it may vibrate and makes a lot of noise while grinding.
  • Conical burr: it is cone-shaped grinding burr. It spins slower than wheel burr but it does not make loud noise it is also less messy. You can use conical grinder for any types of coffee beans, even the oily and flavored coffee without worrying it can be clog. It is the best and most expensive coffee grinder.

Coffee grinders with particle sizes

The grind size adjustment is a very important feature in burr grinders. There are two designs that refer to this item and they are stepped and stepless adjustment grinder. Stepped coffee grinders are adjusted by using a lever or knob to set it to various factory pre-determined grind sizes. It means the machine will be limited the certain number of step, varying from 10 to 40 steps. Meanwhile, stepless grinder is able to adjust a infinite number of grind sizes. It is usually used to make espresso coffee that requires super fine coffee ground. However, the non-stop in grind setting can affect the coffee taste. That’s why this machine needs to be used by professional barista who can control the setting.

To sum up, choosing a right coffee grinder can help you have amazing coffee cups at the morning and save your time and effort. You can buy available coffee ground on the supermarkets or Amazon, but grinding your coffee beans into ground is a very interesting task.