Coffee and fun facts that you may not know.

What is coffee about?

Coffee is the most popular beverage around the world. We may say, coffee is universally drunk everyday which is used by people in almost all nations, from Asia to Europe, America and Africa. Even though the methods and traditions of making and drinking this kind of drink of each region are different, it still has a common name that called coffee.

Here are some interesting facts about coffee.

1. Coffee used to be a food to eat not to drink. Really? It did.
African eats coffee balls instead of drinking it.

Do African tribes eat coffee instead of drinking it? And they call it a coffee’s ball?

In Ethiopia, a shepherd incidentally saw his goats ate the red berries and then acted so weirdly such as jumping and dancing around. He found out that they ate coffee beans. He tried to eat and felt that these berries provided him a great and energetic power. Since then, the berries were used as an everyday food.

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In Africa, some native tribes mix those beans with the fat to make “energetic balls”. They ate them once or twice a day to enhance their focus and energy.

2. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world.

The bean is the very popular commodity in every country around the world and is always in the list of one of the highest demand of consumption. It just stands behind crude oil – the most important fuel used for various fields of industry. As the world’s second most traded commodities, it is very easy to see that how coffees affect global life. Is it possible that the increase in its prices will increase inflation rates or decrease dollar’s values as crude oil does respectively? If yes, the world will have new rising economy with coffees. I am just dreaming!

3. This kind of drink used to be banned in the past.

In 16th century, this kind of drink used to be banned by the Muslim, together with wine. They thought the effects that coffee drink brings for human brain is negative and unhealthy. It was supposed to be a really strong stimulant and cause some side-effects for drinkers. Luckily, this ban was removed a short time after that.

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4. The beans can make you feel full of energy.

Definitely, this kind of drink can help you lessen the tiredness and boost your energy. The reason is that it contains a drug named “caffeine” – the most effective psychoactive substance in the world. When drinking it, the caffeine will absorb to your blood and go to your brain. In your brain, the caffeine will prevent the connection between Adenosine and the receptors – the main factor causing you drowsy. Therefore, having a cup of coffee at the morning can keep you more awake and improve your concentration which leads to your effective working performance.

5. Its caffeine content can burn fat.

The caffeine inside it can work very well in burning the fat in your body. Recent studies show that caffeine can increase the metabolism by 3% ~ 11% and boost the capacity of burning fat by 10% ~ 29%. Moreover, if you drink pure coffee (no sugar, no milk), the calories you got for your body are zero.

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Krups grinder is used for grinding beans.

6. Coffee’s powder can help to protect your skin.

Everyone usually think that coffee can damage and harm our skin. But it just happens if you drink too much. If you use a proper amount per day, the antioxidant in coffee can protect our skin from external damages such as UV to prevent it from wrinkle and skin aging.

coffee skin care body scrub

Coffee powder is very useful to take care of your skin.

Also, grounded powder can be used as a mask to remove dead skin. You can mix the powder with some other ingredients such as honey, olive oil, egg, etc. and paste the mixture onto your face and/or the whole body. It will remove the dead skin and whiten your skin as well.

To sum up, it is obvious that coffee has more effectiveness than you think of it. Don’t just use it as a kind of drink only because it can be a food substitute or a main ingredients to take care your beauty. The beans with its caffeine can help to burn fat and thus, loose one’s weight naturally.