What is history of coffee?

Coffee is a kind of drink which becomes popular in the community all around the world. No one can tell exactly the origin of coffee and there are several exciting stories related to the way that it was found. According to Kaldi legend, a goat-herd discovered coffee after he found that his goats did not want to sleep at night because of eating beans of a tree. After that, he informed local people his discovery and as a result, coffee has being spread continuously until now.

Goats are believed to have found coffees.

Nowadays, coffee tree is grown in a lot of parts of nations all over the world, from Asia to Africa, from Central or South America to the islands of Caribbean or Pacific but wherever the tree is grown, it still keeps its private and original taste available of centuries ago.

The coffee drinking habits.

Through many centuries, coffee becomes more and more complete with numerous types which satisfy the people who come from different ages, genders, characteristics, etc. According to a research on daily coffee drinking habits, for straight up and simple people, they usually like drinking black coffee; however, for people who are more controlling and detail-oriented, they often drink the double decaf. Whereas, the latte drinkers tend to be more sensitive and people-pleasing but the instant coffee drinkers tend to be more hesitated. In addition, for people who love sweet drinks, they must have been overgrown kids but maintaining a young soul. Further more, there are 29 different types of drinkers found in another research. Therefore, the kind of coffee you choose can reveal a lot about yourself rather than you imagine.

A sample cup of coffee.

A sample cup of coffee.

Coffee – Not just a kind of beverage.

For these reasons, drinking coffee is not as simple as drinking a regular beverage. It is much more complicated than you think because it is all about the art and the soul of the artists who love drinking coffees themselves. It takes the breath of modern life and plays an essential role in the community of coffee lovers. In busy life, people enjoy it as the way to fuel power for themselves and encourage themselves to try more and more.

Starbucks coffee with its Jamaica blue mountain coffee.

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The drink hides visual meanings in its black color available that the more you enjoy, the more you feel. If you love coffee, you will realize that it is also mysterious and unpredictable like humankind with many level of emotion: fun, sad, upset, furious, etc. Not all people are familiar with the bitter of it but once they can accept, they will not be able to give it up because they will soon become addicted with it. That is the reason why people love drinking coffee everyday without feeling bored. It becomes a close friend of people, cheer them up when they are depressed and contribute to the happiness of them. Time goes over and this kind of beverage is still with people to share and listen to sadness, help them overcome challenges in life. The invaluable meanings that coffee brings to people have made it become beloved by almost people all over the world.

In conclusion, coffee is a special drink with different forms of serving. From espresso to flavored ones, coffee has become the world’s second commodity. Many cups of it are consumed a day. Drinking habits are also different from culture to culture. Even coffee does reflect your emotional feelings.