Cau Dat coffee – the best single origin arabica in Vietnam

Vietnam is not famous for Arabica – the type of coffee which is estimated as the best quality coffee bean in the world (higher estimated than Robusta). However, there is a land considered as the heaven for Arabica located right in Vietnam mainland. This land is called Cau Dat and its coffee is known as Cau Dat coffee.

Cau Dat coffee arabica specialty – a name that will soon be awakened.

Cau Dat is situated about 24km from Da Lat city in Lam Dong Province – the part of famous Central Highland. It is the only land in Vietnam growing Arabica coffee. Featured by perfect height above sea level and weather condition, Cau Dat coffee is very high in quality and rich in taste. Cau Dat is located on the height of over 1500 meters above the sea level. It is featured by temperate climate all year round with the maximum temperature always under 33°C and the minimum temperature above 5°C. Its soil is basalt. These are “golden factors” helping Cau Dat become the perfect land for cultivating Arabica coffee.

What are perfect conditions for Cau Dat’s single estate coffee?

Cau Dat has total area of 1,110 hectares of coffee growing, accounting for 86% of agriculture area. Especially, the area for Arabica coffee accounts for 98% of total. Cau Dat coffee species generally really suit natural conditions of this land and barely get affected by pest. Each hectare of cultivated area can provide 18-20 tons of fresh coffee berries, equivalent to 4 tons of coffee beans. The productivity is much higher than other types.

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The most elegant taste that you will always remember.

The Arabica of Cau Dat is featured by the combination of fairly sourness and light bitterness. Meanwhile, Cau Dat coffee has clear and pure brown color, like the color of amber. Its smell is elegant and really aromatic. Its amazing smell is the harmony of syrup smell, fresh fruits smell, honey smell, roast bread smell and the smell of sunny days. It taste really special and hardly to forgot which can impress the sternest person. Cau Dat coffee is absolutely able to compete with other well-known coffee areas in the world in quality.

Coffee lovers consider the fragrance of Cau Dat coffee as the most charming and elegant smell in the world. It is really different from the Arabica grown in other places. The high productivity of coffee is helping local people improve their lives and creating an outstanding reputation for Vietnam coffee. The greatness of Cau Dat coffee is like a gift that Mother Nature gives to people in here.

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World’s famous single origin coffee for Cau Dat? The road ahead.

Even though this land is granted by natural environment, the local farmers still have a lot of difficulties in cultivating Arabica coffee. The biggest difficulty is the lack of knowledge about growing and taking care of this type as well as methods of harvesting and processing. Another challenge is lacking of modern technology and innovative science applying in processing the coffee beans. That’s why Cau Dat farmers really need the support in capital and technology from government to promote the growth of Cau Dat coffee brand.

Da Lat is not only a beautiful and poetic landscape, it also offers diverse special agriculture products, especially coffee. Let’s come to Da Lat city and Cau Dat land to enjoy the very scrumptious Arabica coffee.

To sum up, Cau Dat is a single estate for arabica coffee beans in Vietnam. It is located next to Da Lat city which is known as Little Paris. In fact, Cau Dat is a suburban of the city and possesses perfect conditions to grow up arabica coffee. Cau Dat’s coffee has already been famous throught the country as a specialty coffee of Vietnam.