Cafe shop in Vietnam – three most oustanding across the nation.

Using bamboo and waste wood, Vietnamese talented architects built amazing cafe shops with unique architecture and style. Here are top 3 cafe shop in Vietnam that was recognized by the world.

Here are best three special cafe shops in Vietnam.

#1. Cafe shop Salvaged Ring – Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province.

Savaged Ring is the official name of a cafe shop that people usually call “King”, located in the suburb area of Nha Trang city. The highlight of the cafe shop is the round roof made by Nipa leaves, creating a very one-of–a-kind appearance for it.

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The owner of Salvaged Ring was a carpenter. He did not want to thrown away all his waste wood. That’s why he came to a famous Vietnamese architect to ask him design a cafe shop from available materials. And as the result, by making use of waste wood and natural materials such as Nipa leaves and stones, Cafe shop Savaged Ring came out. It is the combination of traditional styles of Vietnamese house and an open space which connect to the nature.

Salvaged ring cafe shop

Salvaged Ring Cafe Shop in Nha Trang City, Vietnam.

This idyllic cafe shop was ranked in top 20 the world’s best architectures at The World Architecture Festival 2014.

#2. Kon Tum Indochina Cafe shop – Kon Tum Province

Based on the idea of the upside-down traditional fishing tackle of Vietnamese people called “nom”, architect Nguyen Trong Nghia built the most impressive cafe shop around the world.

The cafe is divided into 2 parts: the main building used as cafeteria is designed with giant horizontal piles made of bamboo and a kitchen built by stone and concrete. The cafe shop is surrounded by a beautiful and fresh lake. The excellent architect allow the cool air go through the upside-down bamboo piles. There are total 15 bamboo piles like that. They was designed based on a common equipment used to catch fish in Vietnam in the past.

cafe shop indochine kontum

Indochine Kontum Cafe Shop was made from bamboo.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in an open-airy environment and feeling the cool breezes from the lake is a must-do experience.

#3. Wind and Water Cafe shop – Binh Duong Province

Like its name, you can enjoy the environment of water and windy wind when coming to this cafe shop. The cafe shop looks like a giant heap of straw located in the middle of a lake. Especially, it is made of 7,000 nulgar bamboo trees – a very popular plant of local area.  It uses nothing but nulgar bamboo, from the roof, pillows to the coffee tables and chairs.

The inside space also has an artificial lake running around the coffee drinking area. This area is set lower than water level, helping customers enjoy the coolest feeling of water and wind. A lot of trees put in the cafes to make it more green and eye-catching.

cafe shop wind and water

Wind and Water is a must-try cafe shop for coffee lovers.

The purpose of this cafe shop is using everything from nature and friendly materials linking to Vietnam’s countryside to create a harmonization between nature and architecture. Coming to the Wind and Water cafe shop, you will have chance to drink coffee in natural and fresh surrounding and feel that you are in paradise.

To sum up, there are many nice cafe shops across Vietnam. However, three most dominant ones are Salvaged Ring, Indochine and Wind and Water. These are not only a cafe shop itself but also an artwork or artistic building. When you get there, you are not about going to drink a cup of coffee. You, definitely, are going to enjoy and touch art.