Best way to make coffee to have an excellent coffee cup of your own.

What is best way to make coffee?

Each country, each region has its own ways to make coffee with different coffee styles and favorite tastes. Actually, everyone has his or her own styles of drinking coffee. Some love bitter and pure coffee, others love adding sugar or cream to enhance its sweetness. Therefore, the term “best coffee” is quite vague. However, there are some types of coffee get a huge numbers of affection and favorite from people around the world. You can check best way to make coffee as below:

#1. Espresso – the most common and best way to make coffee.

Espresso came from Italy and it is one of the most original coffee types. In some understanding, it is not a drink but a method of making coffee. Espresso is pure black coffee (no sugar, no milk or any additional ingredients) made by forcing steam through coffee beans at high pressure in espresso machine. Espresso is thicker and bitter and contains more amount of caffeine than other methods.

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Espresso is the foundation of a lot other types of coffee such as cappuccino, latte, mocha, Americano, etc. Because of its bitter flavor, espresso is usually served in a small cup, which is called “espresso cup”. When enjoying it, you can put some spoons of sugar to lower the intense taste of it. Espresso is the best coffee for anyone loves pureness and bitterness of coffee beans.

#2. Cappuccino –another best way to make coffee.

Cappuccino is the combination of espresso with hot milk and steamed milk foam. The name “cappuccino” refers to the color of Capuchin friar’s habit, because it looks like he color of the milk added on the dark coffee.

The true cappuccino is the combination of equal parts among espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. This ratio will create the perfect harmony of thinner taste of coffee and the fragrance and sweet flavor of milk. A mug of cappuccino is usually used the milk froth to decorate lovely images and patterns. The art of making cappuccino is considered as one of the most difficult works in making espresso-based beverages. The barista needs to be really skilled and dexterous to create an artwork. Beside roast espresso, cappuccino is the best coffee and one of the most favorite in Italy.

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#3. Americano – a best way to make coffee with American style.

Americano is another version of Italian espresso created by Latin American. It is actually a single shot or double shot of espresso mix with a cup of hot water. It is thinner than espresso in intensity.

While espresso is the standard coffee of Italian and the European, the Americano is the best coffee for American. Since the American cannot handle too much bitter and intense taste of coffee beans, the Americano can satisfy them because it is like dilute espresso (adding hot water into espresso).

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To sum up, there is no “best coffee” in the world because every nation has their own coffee culture; every single person has their own style of enjoying coffee. For example, the Vietnamese people prefer filter coffee (the traditional method of making coffee in Vietnam). They love drinking black coffee mixed with ice and condensed milk. In short, the different types of coffee will bring the diversity of coffee culture in the world. This also expresses that how to define a best way to make coffee is difficult. One of main reasons is that coffee in somewhat reflects catering culture and drinking habits which are identified by separate groups of people and different groups of coffee drinkers those whose share common interests.