French press – a best coffee maker with old styles.

French Press is a best coffee maker existing in the world for long time ago but still being very popular today. French Press is an inexpensive but very easy method to brew perfect cups of coffee. This coffee maker is famous in European countries, Australia and New Zealand.

What is French Press – the best coffee maker?

French Press is a coffee maker using the very simple method with simple equipment. Its method involves in pouring hot water into a beaker holding coffee ground and using a filter piston to pressurize ground coffee to the bottom of the beaker. In France, French Press is called “cafetière à piston”. Moreover, it is called different names at different places, such as press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger, cafetière, etc. Italian people call it “caffettiera a stantuffo”. It has name “coffee plunger” in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Although automatic coffee machines are more popular nowadays, French press is still symbolized as world’s best coffee maker.

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How to brew coffee by French Press?

What makes French press become a best coffee maker is quite simple. It contains a beaker (cylindrical pot) usually made of glass or clear heat-resistant plastic, metal or plastic lid with plunger and a screen at the end of plunger. Its mechanism is also very easy. You put coffee ground into the beaker, and then pour water into it, and finally press the plunger until the ground is kept in the bottom of the beaker.

Before brewing coffee, you need to grind coffee beans by a burr grinder. Because burr grinder can grind bigger-sized ground than other types, it can make coarse grind to not be passed through the filter. In addition, you should start to grind coffee bean right before brewing coffee because grinding too soon can make the coffee ground lose some components, which affect on coffee flavors and aroma.

  • First thing, you should do before brewing coffee is warm up the pot and the coffee mug by pouring a small amount of hot water in 30 seconds.
  • The next step is putting coffee ground in this best coffee maker. The amount of coffee ground depends on you and the amount of water.
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Hot water used to pour into the ground coffee should be between 93 and 96 degree Celsius. It means you should boil water and leave it for 2 minutes before pouring. Firstly, you pour 1/2 of hot water to release trap gases, leading to expansion of coffee and increasing wonderful aroma for your coffee. One minute later, pour the rest of hot water in the pot. You can stir the coffee gently in 5 seconds to remove the crush of coffee. Then, you cover coffee with the lid to keep the heat. After 3 minutes, you begin to push the plunger slowly down to filter the coffee ground. Now you let your coffee sit for two more minutes and then you can pour it into your mug and enjoy.

To conclude, what make French press become a best coffee maker is the fact that it is easy to use and inexpensive. French Press can make outstandingly good coffee. So, can you look for more in your coffee maker? Definitely nothing else! This coffee maker is one of the easiest way to make earthy, rich-flavored and charming aroma cups of coffee.