Best cafe shops from Europe with its long-lasting history.

What does cafe really mean?

Cafe is “a small restaurant that serves light meals and drinks”. The word originates from French language that means ‘coffee or coffee house’. Now, let us talk about the most famous best cafe shops all around Europe.

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Cafe New York # Best Cafe from Budapest

People built New York Cafe in Renaissance’s period; furnished it in luxurious materials like marble, silk and even gold. The most interesting thing is that “Cafe New York” is compared as the second palace of Bavarian Louis II King. Particularly speaking, ceiling is decorated by great pictures of Gusztav Mannhaimer and Ferene Eisenhut. When visitors come to this best cafe shop, the first and most attractive impression is a water fountain and next is Venelian chandeliers. This coffee shop from the early years of 20th century became famous for an actual cafe belonging to classical literature as well as the exchanging relations for a long time. In addition, New York cafe shop is also the center of intelligence living of Budapest.

new york cafe a best cafe from budapest

New York Cafe looks a royal palace.

Cafe Florian, Another Best Cafe from Florian

Located in Procuratie Nuove of Piazza San Marco, Venice, this best cafe was founded in 1720 and until now, it is the most ancient heritage continuously opening in Italia. Coming to Florian coffee, customers have the chance to come back the 18th century within mysterious pictures and ancient–styled interior decoration. At that time, it is the favorite place of famous poets and artists and currently, Florian is an alive museum attracting hundreds of people all over the world for its indefectible beauty.

florian best cafe in town

Cafe Florian looks very ancient in a city of love.

Cafe Central, Vienna’s Best Cafe

Cafe Central operated in 1876 and immediately became regular exchanging relations of scholars, politics, artists, etc. at that time. From its beginning until 1938, it still was called “chess arena” because there were many chess players here. High ceiling combined with crystal chandelier creates an extensive cool and cozy space and contributes to reduce the noise of conservations. Specially, the back is the most suitable space for couples to exchange comfortably. The focus of interest is the place used for hanging two large portraits of Austria King and Queen who are famous for beauty and soul. From the large door of this best cafe, customers can observe streets through sophisticated and sculptured designs. The unique thing is that barista at the Central are only male, polite and open-minded, different from many traditional coffees in Vienna. Furthermore, menu of cakes and food is quite various with many types of chocolate which are named after coffee recipes privately.

Best cafe de Central

Central cafe shop – Palais Events

Cafe Imperial, Praha

Imperial cafe house was designed in accordance with Art Nouveau style and operated in 1914 then became famous at Prague. Known as an impressive stone, Art Deco of Prague, Imprerial was reopened after the World War II. Sophisticatedly decorated inlays, luxurious and elegant interior wearing the classical color are the things that take Imprerial to people’s hearts easily, especially when enjoying breakfast besides a hot cup of tea. This is a best cafe for gathering, parties with friends as spacious feature with unique cuisine of Praha.

best cafe shop imperial praha

A view on Cafe Imperial, Praha.

Cafe De La Paix, Paris

Located in District 9, Paris, France, De La Paix was designed by Charles Gamier who is also the major architect of Opera House Paris. De La Paix is the best cafe famous for luxurious and elegant characteristics like no other coffee shop worldwide. The interiors were all decorated by redwood, walls were decorated with gold inlay and table was made of marble. The scenery is often compared to a castle in which each customer experiences being a king or a queen when drinking coffee. In August 1975, La Paix was recognized as a historical heritage of French.

cafe shop de la paix - a best cafe of Paris

Café de la Paix at 5 Place de L’Opéra.

To sum up, cafe is simply a borrowing word from French language. It means cafe shop, coffee shop or coffee house. You have read best cafe shops across Europe. Cafe today is used as the second’s most popular word for coffee. Many coffee brands worldwide use the word “Cafe” for their brands. For many coffee lovers across the globe, cafe simply means coffee itself. So, when you mention cafe, which is coffee. In this article, cafe shop with its meaning as a coffee shop, we list out world’s famous cafe in Europe.

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